A New Voice in E-Commerce

The bot-building platform SnatchBot (snatchbot.me), created primarily for use within the enterprise and developer sector, is pleased 

to announce today their new functionality that allows bot admins to accept in-bot payments from anywhere in the world with their merchant PayPal account. 

SnatchBot is a free complete platform-as-a-service (PaaS) designed to eliminate the complexity of bots and help customers build the best possible messaging experience for consumers. Already the company boasts a clientele of some of the world’s premiere brands, and is now among the first PayPal merchant bots that can accept payments on all of its supported channels.

Accept PayPal Payments Worldwide with SnatchBot
The ability for bots to handle online transactions makes them even more versatile than ever before,” said the cofounder and president of SnatchBot, Henri Ben Ezra. “It’s our belief that this is a progressive step in changing the way e-commerce is handled in the very near future.” 

The platform provides robust administrative features and enterprise-grade security that comply with all regulatory mandates with the new capability of accepting in-bot payments via PayPal, bot admins can complete transactions anytime from anywhere in the world. SnatchBot does not personally store any payment details; all sensitive data is passed securely to Paypal, where it is stored and used only to process payments.

The application and connection process is quick and effortless; it takes only minutes to test the function and begin accepting in-bot payments. When a customer enters payment details with a bot, their information is saved in PayPal’s system, which is well-known for its unparalleled security. The next time the user wants to make a transaction with that bot, their information will already be available.

The SnatchBot platform utilizes an Omni-channel approach, which means that customers can choose the channels through which they’d like to deploy and begin accepting payments, including such popular messaging apps as Slack, Skype, Facebook Messenger, WeChat, and many others. The tools the platform provides support a bot’s entire lifecycle, from creation and testing to publishing and monitoring.

Our bots are already helping enterprises of all sizes-from sole entrepreneurs to established corporations-to connect with their consumer base in a meaningful way,” said Ben Ezra. “It’s our intention to use technology to bridge a gap; for bots to reconnect the enterprise with the consumer and turn transactions into interactions.” 

About SnatchBot 

SnatchBot is an Israel-based privately-funded company. It was founded in January of 2015 with the goal of expanding the accessibility of chatbots and making bot-building easy and free for anyone in any application. Based in the heart of the start-up nation, Herzliya Pituach, SnatchBot provides free access around the world to sophisticated, natural-language conversational bots (chatbots) with highly engaging user experiences and lifelike conversational interactions across all communication channels.