Artokingo, Invests in Organic T-Shirts

The UK’s Exclusive Graphic Tees Maker, Artokingo, Invests in Organic T-Shirts

Artokingo, the London based t-shirt brand, now prints all of their quirky designs on organic t-shirts at no extra cost.

Artokingo announced today that upgrading their conventional blank t-shirts to organic t-shirts is now complete. From now on, the label’s all designs will be printed on 100% organic cotton t-shirts at no extra cost.

In 2014, the brand has announced their investment to new revolutionary printing machines. The investment allowed the company to print with 100% organic inks. Organic inks offer a printing process that is 100% non-toxic and produces no harmful waste. The company’s manager Mr. Deniz reported that “Organic inks contain no animal by-products and certified as safe for children and babies”.

After three years from the investment to organic inks, the company has now successfully removed conventional t-shirts from their stock and totally invested in organic t-shirts. The label has already been offering organic t-shirts in black and white colours since a year. Now, all colours are made from organic cotton.

The company stated on their website that “Organic cotton has minimum impact on the environment. Organic cotton is grown without toxic and persistent pesticides and fertilizers. Certification organisations verify that organic cotton farmers use only materials and methods allowed in organic production. Genetically engineered seed for organic farming is also prohibited in the most of cotton-growing areas. Organic cotton is also good for farmers. From sowing seeds to harvesting, farmers work in harmony with regulations. And, it protects the air and water as well as their health in long term.”

“Your cotton t-shirt may be poisoning you” claimed by Deniz, the manager of cool t-shirts maker Artokingo. “The researches show that toxic chemicals could be absorbed by skin. It is important to use organic cotton for the health and the environment. Artokingo’s graphic tees are printed on 100% organic cotton t-shirts certified by GOTS, despite they cost 50% more than conventional cotton t-shirts. Those cheap funny t-shirts may not be worth the price. Having a clear conscience is more important than the cost of a t-shirt; the most exclusive t-shirt designs, printed with organic inks on organic t-shirts. Beautiful.”