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Posted 15th May 2017

Facial Recognition Photo Distribution Service

Photier, the world's first platform for distributing DSLR photographs based on facial recognition, has brought London nightlife promoter and entrepreneur, Roger Michael, on-board to bring their revolutionary technology to the UK.

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facial recognition photo distribution service.

Facial Recognition Photo Distribution Service

Photier, the world’s first platform for distributing DSLR photographs based on facial recognition, has brought London nightlife promoter and entrepreneur, Roger Michael, on-board to bring their revolutionary technology to the UK. Michael will leverage more than 25 years of experience in marketing, bespoke nightlife, and the events field to boost expansion of the one-year-old start-up technology company into England’s capital. 

Sharing photographs on social media and ensuring the right image reaches the subject is central to social events nowadays. With a 95 percent accuracy rate and zero percent scope for errors, Photier resolves the problem of waiting for photo distribution — based on facial recognition.

What makes us special is that we use a very complex face recognition system to identify the subject in each photo and send it on to their smartphone instantly,” said Tolga Cinisli, founder and CEO of Photier. “With Roger Michael’s presence as Advisory Board Member, Photier is even stronger and ideally placed to begin a new chapter in event, celebration, and nightlife photography.

With Photier, the attendees of an event download the app, upload his or her image or takes a selfie, and then scans a unique QR code for the event into their smartphone. Photographers at the event have access to a secure platform which allows them to upload their photos instantly as they take them, in one easy step. Photier then applies its advanced facial recognition system and sends the photos on to the relevant subject during the event.

The recipient can use the photo exactly as they wish; store it, stare at it, post it, or share it on social media. If the subject is not recognised by Photier, or the match falls below a certain confidence level, the system will not share the photo with the end-user.

Photier is perfect for events such as graduations, private baby showers, corporate events, holiday resorts, concerts, sports events, festivals, weddings, and private parties. As Advisory Board Member and City Ambassador at InList, a revolutionary mobile app for booking upscale nightlife, event ticketing, and once-in-a-lifetime experiences across the world, Michael is perfectly placed to take the capabilities of Photier to the next level. Party goers and event attendees benefit from access to high quality, professionally-taken photos instantly, and since the photos include a logo of the event, they have an everlasting memory of the occasion and the event is promoted in the right places to the right people.

When you are at an event, and your photo is taken, the chances are you will never get to see that picture,” explained Michael. “But with Photier, the problems associated with photo distribution are resolved. By using Photier, you are choosing to use new and exciting technology. Your opponents will have something to learn from you. Be a leader. Be reformist.

About Roger Michael 

Multi-award winning British nightlife Pioneer Roger Michael is the founder of the lifestyle agency and nightlife brand, I AM ROCKSTAR. He was described as one of “London’s most successful promoters” by the Independent in 1997, just ten years after the start of his career.

A thought-leader within the nightlife and entertainment industry, Michael has a history of curating bespoke guest lists and hosting innovative club nights that have enjoyed unparalleled success. He was awarded The London Club and Bar Awards’ first-ever Outstanding Achievement Award for his significant contribution to London’s nightlife in 2008, and the Best Longest Running Night Award at the same award ceremony in 2013, for his infamous and widely attended Tuesday nights at Boujis in Kensington & Chelsea, which ran for nine-and-a-half years. He has also been recognised as one of the London Evening Standard’s 1000 Most Influential Londoners in the nightlife field in both 2009 and 2010.

In 2016, Michael was recognised by the Evening Standard for his endeavour to be London’s first ever Night Czar, an appointment announced by Sadiq Khan, London Mayor. More recently in 2017, Michael joined the Founding Committee Team of boxing gym, BXR London, which is partly owned by Anthony Joshua. The ground-breaking gym has revolutionised the city’s fitness scene.

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