A CEO Defining the Future of the Middle East Construction Sector


A CEO Defining the Future of the Middle East Construction Sector (WT)

Al Futtaim Carillion LLC is a leading construction, contracting and engineering company based out of the United Arab Emirates. In July, Al Futtaim’s Chief Executive Officer, Edmund Mahabir, was named as CEO Monthly Magazine’s CEO of the Year. On the back of this achievement, we profiled this industry giant to find out more.

Jointly owned by Al Futtaim and Carillion Construction Overseas, Al Futtaim has succeeded on the back of a commitment to “making tomorrow a better place”. Their culture promotes innovation, and shared knowledge, helping to elevate the entire company and acting to differentiate them from a notoriously competitive sector.

A key element in the region’s early foundation and growth, Al Futtaim have been omnipresent and fundamental to developing Dubai’s infrastructure since the 1950’s, though -as they proudly claim – they can trace their history back even further to the 1930’s, when it was established as a local trading organisation. There can be no doubt then that Al Futtaim is a stalwart on the Middle Eastern business landscape, a key player in its history and, no doubt, its future.

Over the last fifty years, the firm has worked across the United Arab Emirates, undertaking civil and infrastructure projects, and applying their considerable experience, knowledge and lauded capabilities to help create “a new vision of the UAE”.

Al Futtaim’s strengths lend themselves well to this idea, as they pivot to better align the firm with modern, future-centric values. Foremost among them is the firm’s dedication to sustainability; specifically, through careful selection of materials, and the energy they utilise. Additional considerations are given to reinvigorating local communities and environments, as they aim to better realise their goal to be a pace-setter in the region.

All of this has been guided by Chief Executive, Edmund Mahabir, who has championed the firm’s position as a driver of positive change, accelerating development where others may stall. For this, he was recognised among a select few as the CEO of the Year, an accolade for which he seems uniquely qualified for.

Company: Al Futtaim Carillion LLC

Address: Dubai, P.O BOX 1811, United Arab Emirates

Website: www.afcarillion.ae

Telephone: +971 4389 186