A Leader for the Digital Age

A Leader for the Digital Age

A Leader for the Digital Age

Since 1995, Flynet™ has been a leading provider of terminal emulation and host system integration and modernization software and services. In September, Flynet and its CEO, Christian Rule, were recognised among the winners of CEO Monthly Magazine’s 2018 CEO of the Year Awards programme with the title of Most Innovative Web Terminal Emulation. Following this outstanding achievement, Christian offered some insight into his responsibilities as CEO of this cutting-edge technology company.

Christian Rule has made a habit of defying expectations, exceeding targets and outpacing peers. As CEO of Flynet, he has revitalised the company from the ground up to be a stalwart of the technology industry for years to come. Today, Flynet celebrates a reputation defined by excellence. It is a leading, multi-award-winning software provider that allows clients to seamlessly integrate existing infrastructure with new technologies – an invaluable asset in this digital-first age.

To start the interview, Christian outlines his responsibilities as CEO of Flynet: “I was charged with transforming a 20-year-old science company into a future-proofed software company, so essentially, it was a ground up re-build, built around the strength and depth of our people, products and services.  So, I’m responsible for guiding the management team on a journey of change and evolution. My style leans toward matrix-based teams, everyone has value, and everyone has responsibilities; the organisation is as flat as can be in terms of ideas, the line management structures serve merely to provide the appropriate pastoral care were needed. My door is always open, and I try to be as visible and accessible as possible.”

“Listening is the key, coupled with being agile and tenacious around great ideas.”

To say that Christian created his own success would be a gross understatement. His ambition, and drive to succeed mark him as fundamentally different from his kin – a source of inspiration for CEOs-to-be around the world. “I grew up on a sink estate in West London, from a single parent home, but my mother had 3 jobs and instilled a sense of hard work in results out. I graduated from Portsmouth University with a degree in Business Information Systems. I was the first in my family to go to University. I joined John Wiley and Sons, which is a fantastic company I should add, as a graduate and moved very quickly from development, to project management and then on to Directorship. A succession of C-Suite roles followed in various industries across Luxury Goods Manufacturing, Private Security and Alternative Investments. All great preparation to drive the business change that was needed at Flynet to achieve the great successes the team have enjoyed over the last few years.”

In his closing comments, Christian offers some insight in Flynet’s future. “Flynet is in a period of greater than exponential growth, I would like that to continue and grow. We have an exciting new product launching next year which will move our no code legacy development platform to a more mainstream setting. This will allow our existing customers and new customers to build applications across legacy, contemporary and cloud-based systems seamlessly, this will be a real step change for Flynet and increase the potential market tremendously.  In terms of myself, I’m very much enjoying the journey at Flynet and am proud to be a part of the team.”

Contact: Rhiannon Dakin

Company: Flynet Limited

Address: King William House, Cambridge, CB25 0DU, UK

Website: www.flynetviewer.com

Telephone: +44 (0) 3333 110 370


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