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Ground Floor, Suites B-D, The Maltsters,
1-2 Wetmore Road, Burton upon Trent
Staffordshire, DE14 1LS

Posted 7th January 2019

Fintech for the Future of Finance

Founded in 2012, DJS (UK) Limited is a fintech company with two core products: PiggyBank, the UK’s fastest growing short-term lender, and Leadtree Global, a real-time lead generation platform. In October, the business was recognised among the winners of the 2018 SME Business Elite, as the ‘UK’s Lead

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fintech for the future of finance.

Fintech for the Future of Finance

Founded in 2012, DJS (UK) Limited is a fintech company with two core products: PiggyBank, the UK’s fastest growing short-term lender, and Leadtree Global, a real-time lead generation platform. In October, the business was recognised among the winners of the 2018 SME Business Elite, as the ‘UK’s Leading Software Development Start-Up of the Year’.

DJS (UK) Limited describe themselves as providers of creative software solutions, driving technological innovation in the financial industry. Throughout their products, they aim for the “right outcome” whether that be for staff members, their stakeholders, or – as would often be the case – their customers. This forms DJS (UK) Limited’s very foundations; indeed, one of the key philosophies of the company is ‘The Best Outcome Isn’t Always the Simplest One’.

This idea remains at the very heart of everything that they do, from the underwriting stage to accommodating for any unexpected circumstances that the client or customer may experience. It wouldn’t be a jump to state that DJS (UK) Limited’s approach to customer service has always been the crux of the company’s enduring success. A spokesperson for the company informed us of a recent example: “This summer, we were made aware of a case of a customer who had encountered an unexpected situation and had called in to make us aware that her circumstances had changed. The customer was completely upfront about the difficulties she was in and we made every effort to ensure that her loan did not have any further negative impacts on her. Long story short, we put her account on hold for thirty days and set up an affordable payment plan when she was back on track.”

PiggyBank’s customer base is comprised, primarily, of those who have had an unexpected circumstance and are in need of a short-term financial solution. Aware of certain stigmas surrounding short-term lenders, PiggyBank always ensure that they’re lending responsibly. To help achieve this, they have a dedicated team of manual underwriters who conduct thorough affordability checks. Equally, though the company does have a marketing team within the business, they tend to steer away from big advertising campaigns as they’re not aiming to be the largest lender out there. Ultimately, PiggyBank want to help the right people for the right reasons, only lending to those who can afford repayments.

This outlook extends to the firm’s approach to talent and staff, which champions – above all else – team synergy. With this in mind, we were informed that the CEO “is the first to admit that his main skill is surrounding himself with the best people for the job. Each member of the management team compliments each other’s knowledge and expertise, and the business has adopted this model throughout the company. We don’t simply hire people for the sake of growth, we want to make sure they’re the best fit.”

This can probably be best illustrated through the company’s interview process, which, unusually, doesn’t involve the interviewee’s CV in any capacity. In fact, prospective employees are not quizzed or tested on accomplishments, but rather on their ability to fit into the established team dynamic.

Further, the management team make considerable efforts to stay informed across all areas of the business, maintaining a thoroughly holistic view of the company and its operations. Moreover, they go out of their way to make sure that the staff are appreciated and are aware of the important role that they plan in contributing to the greater success of the business. Almost all of the managers started with DJS (UK) Limited in a customer-facing role, so they understand how vital these positions are. They also recognise that they don’t work as closely with the customers as other members of staff, and therefore, not as familiar with some of the systems and processes that others use on a daily basis. Therefore, they encourage and utilise feedback from core areas of the business to develop new processes alongside the people that use them. This not only improves productivity, but it also increases staff engagement and helps them feel valued.

When it comes to the future, DJS (UK) Limited are looking to fuel their growth. The business recently moved into a much larger office space on the back of substantial growth over the last few years. Their main aim in the upcoming year is to continue on this trajectory, recruiting new talent to supplement and drive the company’s expansion. However, whilst the future is defined by this growth, the company doesn’t want to stretch themselves too thin – they want to ensure that the customer experience remains best in class, and their services unmatched by peers and competitors alike.

Company: DJS (UK) Limited

Address: 28 Avenue Road, Bournemouth, BH2 5SL, United Kingdom

Website: www.djslimited.co.uk

Telephone: 01202 402160


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