Thriving Through a Dedication to Excellence


Thriving Through a Dedication to Excellence

Bian Soon Trading Company (BST) is a supply and logistics company servicing the marine and offshore industry in Singapore. In August, the firm’s CEO, Victor Lian, was named as Singapore’s CEO of the Year for 2018 by CEO Monthly Magazine. On the back of that win, we profiled the firm to see how they have forged the peerless reputation they celebrate today.

From the outset, BST was created to become a one-stop marine and supply center that catered to the needs and requirements of all vessels docking at Singapore’s shore. For nearly forty years, BST has been a high quality, service-oriented supplier that guarantees competitive prices due to its considerable buying power in Asia markets.

Spearheaded by Victor Lian, the firm has grown on the back of a core set of values and clear vision – namely, to use their passion for the sector to provide best in class services to their clients. They want, fundamentally, to assist customers in simplifying their logistics and supply chain processes. BST’s core values reflect this vision and are defined by an enterprising spirit and trust.

These values play an integral role in differentiating BST from a notoriously competitive market, alongside a commitment to reinforcing its strong distribution network and high credibility in the industry.

Equally, BST believe that the company’s most valuable resource is its employees. In this, they have nurtured a passion for creating safe, healthy working environments that enable and encourage staff to realise their full potential, increasing the productivity and efficiency of the business as a whole. At the end of the day, BST put its employee’s safety at the front and centre of its business practices, understanding that enduring success in the industry has its foundations in a healthy, happy workforce. In BST’s own words, their “ultimate goal is to improve the quality of life for each and every one of its employees.”

Complimentary to this, the firm also promote social responsibility. As part of this, BST make monthly contributions to local charities and centres, such as the Jalan Besar CCC CDWF and the Children’s Cancer Society.

Looking forward into next year and beyond, Bian Soon Trading Co will develop new business opportunities to help them achieve their revenue goal of $15 million. To help drive this aspiration, BST will be doubling their workforce and increase their marketing and branding efforts to attract more clients.

Contact: Victor Lian, CEO

Company: Bian Soon Trading Co

Address: Bik 801 French Road, 200801, Singapore


Telephone: +65 6294 8071