Clanwilliam Health : For Definitive Healthcare Solutions

Established in the 1980s

Clanwilliam Health: For Definitive Healthcare Solutions

Established in the 1980s, Clanwilliam Health is the Pharmacy and Practice Management solutions division of Clanwilliam Group. Earlier this year, Clanwilliam Health was recognised in SME News’ 2019 Business Elite programme for their flagship product: DGL Practice Manager. We spoke with Eileen Byrne, Managing Director of Clanwilliam Health, to find out why DGL Practice Manager has become the definitive tool in healthcare management.

Over the last thirty years, Clanwilliam Health has steadily forged a reputation that has been defined, primarily, by innovation. In this new technology-driven world they have capitalised on a need for comprehensive solutions to problems that still pervade the healthcare sector. Catering particularly to pharmacies and clinical practices, they have specialised their product line to offer best in class and utterly essential tools for today’s modern healthcare services.

As Eileen explains, the firm’s growth has been fuelled by their dedication to creating easy to use and effective solutions to users across the UK and Ireland: “Clanwilliam Health’s extensive range of technology now empowers more than 26,000 users across Ireland and the UK in order to deliver safe, efficient and cost-effective patient services.”

Diving into the core of Clanwilliam Health’s work, Eileen sheds light on the firm’s flagship product and how it was created – from the ground up – to be both innovative and intuitive. “DGL Practice Manager is the leading virtual practice management suite providing users with a hosted and integrated solution with virtual desktop access to Microsoft Word, Excel and Outlook. It allows consultants, secretaries and practice managers to manage every area of a practice or clinic from one central location including administration, finance, correspondence, clinical, reporting, appointments and much more.

“DGL Practice Manager helps improve workflow management and efficiency, ensuring that more time is spent on delivering the best patient care and providing an incredible patient experience. With easy access to full medical history and general health information, it also allows users to quickly monitor the patient’s journey from first step through to the end of care stage.” Supplementary to this, Clanwilliam Health also offers software applications, both local and web-based, to community and hospital pharmacies.

Clanwilliam Health’s experience has proven to be a key differentiator as the sector becomes ever-more competitive.
“Thirty years of experience developing and designing healthcare software has given us a great understanding of the needs of healthcare professionals and enabled us to create solutions that directly solve our client’s needs. As such, we are constantly updating systems and designing new innovative solutions to meet the healthcare standards for the modern and ever-changing market. We really listen to our customers and welcome all feedback and ideas in order to improve our offerings, so they always meet and exceed expectations.
“We have experience of working with GPs, consultants and pharmacists who give us a unique understanding of how technology can help improve efficiencies on behalf of healthcare providers while also enhancing the patient experience. This expertise has fuelled our involvement in a number of bigger picture projects, in collaboration with various stakeholders including an e-referral scheme and eScript.”

More than that, the firm’s staff have played an integral role in its enduring growth: “Our staff have driven the growth of Clanwilliam Health. Every single department is fundamental when it comes to the success of the company, working together in perfect harmony to ensure our clients receive the best experience possible. We also encourage everyone to share their ideas and support each other and the team are the backbone to the organisation.”

Utilising this innate strength, Clanwilliam Health are looking to improve upon their services over the upcoming year with the aim to stay at the very cutting edge of their niche industry. “We plan to continue to develop the solutions that we provide to healthcare professionals, where we not only meet, but also exceed their expectations. Providing contemporary, state-of-the-art software solutions is at the heart of what we do.”


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