The Not So Secret Company Exceeding Expectations

The Not So Secret Company Exceeding Expectations

The Not So Secret Company Exceeding Expectations in Gardens Across London

The Secret Garden Company provides professional services is garden maintenance, landscaping and tree surgery, based in North London. In October, The Secret Garden was named among the winners of the 2018 SME Business Elite programme as ‘London’s Leading Garden Landscapers and Tree Surgeons’. Eager to know more about the firm, we spoke to Kieran Clifford who, as Owner of The Secret Garden Company, offered some insight into their day to day operations.

Landscape design remains one of the few business sectors which have been defined and driven by SMEs. Small businesses up and down the country are contributing to an impressive 10% growth year on year with no signs of slowing down. Garden design and landscaping is, by all regards, a booming sector, with opportunities for growth and expansion for those with the entrepreneurial spirit to capitalise on interest and demand. Likewise, with the interior design sector, consumers are starting to understand the importance of an expert hand in creating spaces that defy expectations. It’s not so much about ‘doing it yourself’ anymore but hiring the right help to realise creative visions.

The Secret Garden Company has quickly earned itself a reputation through their aptitude for bringing a client’s creative brief to life, as Kieran explains. “We are a family-run company who aim to provide a personalised service to all of our clients. We ensure we work closely with them throughout the process to help make their vision a reality. Here at The Secret Garden Company we love outdoor spaces and love to incorporate design and nature to create a truly unique outdoor living space, whether that involves small or large gardens, or even balcony spaces. As a result, we provide professional services with all aspects of the garden, from designing to plant installations and regular maintenances, to building hard landscapes and tree surgery.”

Kieran continues, emphasising the qualities that have guaranteed the firm’s success so far: “We place a great importance on client satisfaction and aim to offer a personalised service to all our customers. We have a strong set of morals and values which the company was built on, which we expect our staff to embrace, creating a positive culture in the organisation.”

Serving both domestic and commercial clients, The Secret Garden Company has grown on the back of positive word of mouth, and exceptional testimonials, despite what Kieran calls “an uncertain start”. Indeed, the company was originally built on rocky foundations by Kieran and his wife, after being laid off from his job as head gardener, due to illness. Kieran’s condition worsened. Shortly after he was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease and hospitalised for months undergoing multiple surgeries. While still in hospital, Kieran and his wife were desperate to find a sustainable source of income and were toying with the idea to start something of their own. Over the following months, while undergoing treatment for his Crohn’s, they focused on the future and upon being discharged, they had built a website and a business plan and the rest is, as they say, history.

The conversation soon turns to the challenges that The Secret Garden Company has faced since their inception. Kieran took a moment to discuss the difficulty in finding new talent that meshes with the company’s ethos and internal culture: “Staffing is always an issue, as we’re aware that we need to find a good match for the business. It is very important for us to find a member of staff that truly believes and shares in our values.”

Finally, on the topic of recruitment, finding new talent remains on the
agenda for The Secret Garden Company as they move into their peak season: “We have been very lucky to have such a talented and dedicated staff team working with us, some of whom have been with us since our inception. although as the business is growing, we will be focusing on expanding our staff team throughout 2019 in order to meet demand.”

London is an extraordinarily difficult market to break into, regardless of whether you are starting a landscaping company or a wealth management firm. It takes no small amount of innovation, and a steadfast dedication to client centricity – to serve the client and their needs above all else. The Secret Garden Company has succeeded on a platform defined, primarily, by exceeding expectations. For this, they have seen exponential growth in the market, and look set to reinforce their position as one of the best landscaping firms in London for many years to come.

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