4 Important Documents Every Citizen of The United Kingdom Should Have


Humans accumulate innumerable belongings in their lifetime, from your name, education, professional stature, house, vehicle and wealth. And the list goes on. 

However, the only physical testimony to your belonging(s) is the legal document attached to it. Any law declares you the owner of a physical or intellectual property based on these documents. Even if you want to pass on your belongings, transfer ownership or change your name, you will need certain legal documents to do so. For instance, for changing one’s name, one needs to get hold of a deed poll

Find out other such essential documents that are important for a UK citizen to have.


1. Certificate of birth and adoption 

A birth certificate is perhaps the most important document in your life. It is not only proof of your birth but also an important piece of paper that allows you to obtain other documents in your life. It represents your identity and your date of birth. A certificate of birth can be used to prove your nationality to grant citizenship by naturalisation, among other things. Given the legal importance that it holds, it must be stored safely to avoid fabrication or damage. Similarly, adoption papers, too, are required for identification purposes.


2. Social security cards

Your social security cards are government-issued cards that are primarily referred to for social insurance. The card is also used for several other purposes, such as financial aid and assistance. For people who are not financially stable or are insolvent and cannot sustain a livelihood by themselves, the government issues this card that covers their basic financial needs by offering subsidies or other financial support. 

It stems from the principle of a welfare state, which aids the overall financial condition of the country in an attempt to eradicate poverty. For people facing economic hardships or even otherwise, a social security card is a lifeline. Preferably you must not carry your social security cards with you on a day-to-day basis. Instead, it should be stored in a locker where it has fewer chances of getting stolen.


3. Living will

Wills are another essential document of your life. It is legal proof that sets the terms of your belongings for future generations. It contains a list of all your properties, assets, wealth and estate and the right of legal possession after your demise. People usually make a will to ensure that their personal and financial belongings are structured and passed on to whomever they deem fit. This is usually done in anticipation of health issues or imminent danger. Although it is not mandatory as per law as there are provisions to legally disburse and divide your belongings even without a will. It would be wise if you store all your wills in one place.


4. Proof of disability

Some of us are not fortunate enough to be born in the best of our physical states. Many of us are born with health defects or deformities. At the same time, there can be others who are born healthy and suffer accidents or grave health problems that render them disabled. In both cases, the government has social benefits and health benefits and certain allowances that cover military injury, workplace injuries, birth deformities, etc. To qualify for these government benefits, you need to have proof of disability in place.



Personal documents are important for every citizen. Ensure that they are kept safe always so that you can use them as and when required.

Akeela Zahair