4 in 5 UK workers worry about working from home due to fears about loneliness and losing relationships

Despite a growing shift towards working from home, a new poll of 1,000 UK office workers reveals that 79% fear losing close relationships with colleagues or feelings of loneliness if their company were to implement a policy of remote working.

The research by leading co-working company The Brew by rent24 also found that 88% of British workers think that there are still significant drawbacks to working from home on a regular basis.

A further 27% of respondents to the study worry that always working from home would result in decreased visibility in the business – potentially leaving them vulnerable to being passed over for promotion or special projects. Nearly 30% of employees also fear getting bored with working from home and over a third (37%) are concerned that they would be too distracted if made to carry out work tasks in their home environment.

Just 15% of employees said that they felt that remote working would lead to burnout due to a lack of boundaries between work and home life.

Andrew Clough, CEO, The Brew by rent24 comments: “The business community has been quick to document the benefits of remote working, however this research reveals that employees often have deep and profound fears about the future of modern working. There are huge rewards to be reaped from bucking the traditional office set up, but businesses should avoid isolating their employees, especially if morale, creativity and collaboration are key to their success.”

Clough continues: “Co-working presents opportunities for cross-company collaboration and skill sharing and offers a sense of professionalism where remote working often falls down. Research highlights how employees in co-working spaces often experience greater levels of flexibility, learning, community and even a strengthened sense of identification with their employer.”

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