4 Small Business SEO Tactics for 2022


The amount of time that people spend online has increased dramatically over the last few years, and the amount of purchasing, shopping and consumer research that takes place online has increased similarly. Small businesses needed to understand how to make their presence known in order to take advantage of all of this. With that said, below are four small business SEO tactics for 2022.


Invest in Video Content

Video content can make or break your SEO right now, but you need to be certain that your video’s title, description, and URL are all keyword-optimized. Keywords for your videos might vary depending on your industry, but what doesn’t change is that most viewers like fascinating titles and descriptions, so consider including a question or optimizing the title to answer a question people are asking. Adding your target term is, of course, unavoidable in those two circumstances.

It’s also important to keep in mind that people like short things. Only brief videos should be created and published. Every day, people spend a significant amount of time watching marketing videos on various social media sites. Whether it’s on Facebook, YouTube, or Instagram, people don’t have the time to watch long videos.

Your videos should always have a point. Make something that addresses your clients’ concerns or shows them how to make better use of your product or service. People’s attention spans decrease as the length of the video increases; hence videos that are 1-2 minutes long tend to have good conversion rates. Even making short videos is a time-consuming endeavour, so consider performing a Google search of something like “SEO Brisbane” and consulting a professional SEO agency to help plan and execute your video content.


Pay Close Attention to Your Google Reviews

Your Google reviews are more crucial than ever. The first step in optimizing your Google Reviews as an SEO tool is to go to “My Business” on your Google dashboard and claim your Google business page. You will then be able to accept and reply to online reviews. Users now trust these reviews more than almost anything else, and it is the kind of social proof that can either work in your favour or against you.

Your Google reviews are often one of the first things that appear on the search engine results page when people search your business, and people take these reviews very seriously. People not only read internet evaluations, but they also believe them. If you’re looking for a business, which are you more likely to choose: one with a few weak ratings or one with glowing, enthusiastic evaluations? The decision is self-evident.


Make Use of Google’s Answer Box

In the last several years, Google search has gone a long way. The more you understand Google search suggestions, the more effective you will be at targeting these search results.

Let’s have a look at how search results now function. Assume you want to look up how to make a good cup of coffee. Notice how the first item that appears is a box with a simple response. This is known as the Google Answer Box, and it appears at the top of the results page at all times. The websites that have managed to get their pages featured in this box have done a number of things well.

In general, to get into this answer box, you must be careful with how you design and write your website postings. If you want to appear in that coveted response snippet, you need to do things like use precise keywords and look for answer boxes that don’t contain any answers.


Take the Opportunity to Optimize for Voice Search

Alexa, where can I get a cup of coffee nearby? Alexa from Amazon, Google Home, and other smart gadgets have gotten us a long way. These are now smartphone and smart home essentials that can be found almost anywhere. Voice search is growing increasingly popular, and small companies may take advantage of it.

Because most consumers use voice search to identify small businesses around them, it’s excellent for local establishments. It’s also an underappreciated type of SEO, making it simple for smaller businesses to stand out even if they don’t have a local presence. Tens of millions of people use voice search, whether it’s in their car on the way home from work or from the comfort of their home. This figure is continually increasing, and it truly represents a search engine revolution.



It can feel overwhelming as a small business owner trying to compete on SEO with larger, more established players in your niche or industry. While an SEO strategy takes time to design and execute, there are plenty of opportunities available for small businesses to take their brand recognition and page rank to the next level. Keep the above tips in mind and make sure your small business stands out from the crowd.

Akeela Zahair