4 Ways AI Can Benefit Your Small Business


Artificial Intelligence (AI) has integrated well into our daily lives. Even when we’re unaware, a lot of our movements and actions are affected by this modern technology.

As AI permeates our everyday life, it also significantly changes the way businesses operate. And it’s not just the giant retailers or mega brands with deep pockets; AI has become more accessible and affordable that companies of all sizes in various industries are taking advantage of this amazing technology.  

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This article shares how AI has enhanced business operations, ultimately contributing to growth and success.  


1. Boosting Marketing and Customer Relationships

For years, AI has played a critical role in the marketing and customer relations sectors.  

It helps in simplifying and automating repetitive marketing tasks. For instance, you’ve probably received an email from a company with the subject line “We miss you, please come back”, implying that you haven’t visited it for a while. This is AI actively working in the background.  

AI can also help businesses make well-informed decisions about their customers and what they want. For instance, a customer relationship management (CRM) system with AI technology is effective at collecting and analysing information from various channels.  

This allows your marketing team to better track leads and pushes them through completion, providing you with a true understanding of your leads, where they are coming from, and the direct results from your marketing efforts.  

AI also helps you learn which marketing efforts can produce the most ROI in your business. Thus, you can gain more leads for less effort and money. With AI, you can better tune in to your customers’ wants and response patterns, allowing you to develop messages that resonate with them. AI helps automate the processes that enhance the overall customer and employee experience.  

2. Enhancing Customer Service

As part of creating a quality relationship with customers, your customer service or support team can also benefit from AI tools.  

You can take advantage of chatbots technology, saving on employee costs while maximizing customer experiences. These AI-powered plug-ins or software often exist on a business’s app or website 24/7, ensuring always-available customer service and engagement.  

Depending on your business needs, a chatbot can perform numerous tasks: from starting conversations with potential customers to helping frustrated customers troubleshoot their issues. Other than that, AI can also streamline the payment process and enhance the customer delivery experience.  

3. Strengthening Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity is a critical aspect for businesses operating in this modern era. Companies can’t afford to leave security as optional. If you’re hacked, both your customer- and business-sensitive information can fall into the wrong hands.  

AI is an indispensable ally in terms of strengthening your cybersecurity. You can use it to look for holes in your computer network defences. Some advanced AI-powered security systems can even recognize a cyberattack by monitoring patterns from data input. It detects a threat, backtracks through your data, and helps prevent a future threat.  

While you may have enough IT security experts to protect your business now, remember that technology scales and increases in complexity. AI can provide an extra set of eyes (one that’s diligent and consistent) to preserve your infrastructure and keep it safe.  

4. Streamline HR Processes

Aside from your marketing team, AI can also help those in your HR department. AI tools have been developed to streamline the hiring and onboarding process. It can significantly reduce the time your HR spends on screening resumes. Instead, your HR can provide more focused time for candidates who closely match your company’s needs and job qualifications. 

It isn’t limited to candidate screening, too. You can use AI tools for the interview process, automate your communication with applicants, obtain the necessary information from references and analyse their performance during the hiring tests.  

Once a candidate is brought on board, AI-powered software can also serve as a knowledge base for these new employees, who may have questions regarding company policies and benefits.

Bottom line, AI not only helps reduce the effort and time spent during the hiring and onboarding process. But it can also increase the number of quality applicants you have and enhance their experience and satisfaction.  


Take Away

With the world becoming more digital than ever, businesses of all sizes are finding new ways to optimize their operations with AI tools.  

In this highly competitive modern world, the businesses that will succeed and survive will be the ones that can bring the value of AI to their everyday customer interaction, security, and work processes.  

Akeela Zahair

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