6 Breaks You Should Encourage Your Employees to Take

Employee Wellbeing

There is a strong correlation between how we use our break time and the kind of work we do once we get back to our desks. If you want your employees to stay productive and engaged at work, they need to use their breaks wisely. Below are X breaks you should encourage your employees to take.


Brain Games

Studies have shown that playing brain games during your break time can help keep your mind fresh and sharp. There are plenty of websites offering free games, such as SolitaireBliss–which allows people to play the famous and long-lived Solitaire. There are also plenty of free and paid phone apps out there that provide a wide range of cognitively stimulating games.



Water breaks are a great way to get employees to take a break without feeling like they are taking time out of the workday. This is because many employers make it very difficult for their workers to get up and roam around during work hours, especially if there isn’t much room for them to walk around in the first place.

The best type of water breaks are “energizing” water breaks. These are when employees get up and move around for about three minutes, usually to the nearest restroom or break room. It’s important that this movement gets their blood flowing, which can help them concentrate on work better if they’re back at their desk soon after the break.



Walking is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to get energizing breaks. It costs workers nothing and doesn’t require any company equipment or funding, but it can still provide a lot of benefits to them.

For example, walking can help employees lose weight and manage their blood pressure better. It has also been found to increase their ability to concentrate on work. What’s more, long periods of prolonged sitting are terrible for the body.

This type of break is best if the company has a larger amount of space to let employees walk around in, as longer distances between workers and their desks will make it harder for them to get back to work quickly after they’ve taken their “energizing” break.


Digital Detox

A digital detox is when workers are required to turn off their cell phones and computers for about fifteen minutes. This gives them a break from the constant flood of emails, messages, and other information that comes with working in today’s society.

Because these devices are so ingrained into our everyday lives–similar to how email used to be back when computers first became popular–it can be hard for people to take this type of break.

That being said, the majority of studies have found that workers who take digital detox breaks are more productive and efficient once they get back to work. This may seem counter-intuitive at first since so many employees need their wide range of electronics to help them perform their jobs effectively.



It is understandable that employers want to minimize no work-related socializing during working hours, but providing employees with opportunities to socialize during work can help them take more effective breaks.

Employees who are socially active on the job are better at concentrating and managing their stress levels throughout the day. This is because they have less trouble working through tough situations, which allows them to do a better of fulfilling their work duties.

They are also able to manage their stress levels better, which means they are less likely to be tense while working. This leads them to take more effective breaks because they will be refreshed and ready to work once they have finished their break time.

Overall socializing has also been found to promote trust among employees, which can help prevent any problems that could harm workplace productivity from developing in the first place.



It is proven that exposure to nature and green spaces is good for mental health. If it is possible for your employees to take in some nature on their breaks, it can be highly beneficial. Some buildings have rooftop gardens or atriums with plants and water that tend to be some of the most popular places to take breaks for employees.

Even a walk through a park to grab a coffee can be as effective as taking a walk outside for as long as they are walking and looking at nature. During these breaks, your employees will enjoy improved moods by being able to reduce their stress levels.



How your employees use their breaks has a large impact on how they use their working hours. Encourage them to take breaks that are suitable for their needs, whether it is socializing with other employees or getting some nature time. By doing this, you’re ensuring that they take the most effective breaks possible to increase workplace productivity.

Akeela Zahair