8 Steps to Effectively Advertise to Your Local Community 


By Sam Richards, Marketing Manager at Gazeboshop


As 2022 gets underway and we begin to adjust to the new year, we’re seeing more and more businesses looking to make an impact in their local communities. While larger companies may have a wider reach, smaller businesses often have the advantage of being able to build a rapport within the local community. 

From new talent, customers and potential partners, focusing on local rather than global can make your business stand out in comparison to bigger businesses. Customised approaches and flexibility are huge benefits for SMEs, which can be bolstered to attract local customers by tailoring and experimenting with your approach.


Approaching your local community online 

The internet can seem like a scary place to get started, however around 46% of all searches on Google are looking for local information and businesses just like yours. To help you boost your online presence in your community, Sam Richards, Marketing Manager at Gazeboshop, has outlined eight key approaches to getting started online.


1. Claim and verify your Google business listing 

Most people turn to Google Maps to find nearby restaurants, shops and businesses, but did you know this feature is free and easy to access? By creating a Google My Business (GMB) listing, you can place your business directly in front of local customers whenever they need it most. 

Adding additional features to your listing, such as a business description, key services and FAQs you can show off all your business has to offer. Coupling this with engaging in customer reviews will ensure you have maximised the potential of your Google business listing. Customer reviews are often a goldmine of free customer-generated advertising for your business, especially when dealt with correctly. 


2. Make sure your brand is seen and heard on social media 

Social media is a great way to attract new customers and engage with your existing customer base. 

Behind the scenes content, exclusive offers, competitions and sharing news on upcoming events can build trust in the local community whilst also encouraging engagement with your brand. 


3. Build local listings and online directories

Building online directories is an easy way to grow your online presence and get your name out there. Most online directories do not charge you to claim a listing, enabling you to make sure all the important details are correct and up to date without having to spend a penny.

A good example of an online directory is Yell.com, however make sure to focus on directories targeting your local area or city to promote your business locally. Take a look at your local news outlets which often have a business directory on their website, making it extremely relevant for your company.


4. Use local SEO to appear in search results

By optimising your website for local SEO, you can make sure your website is targeting local customers who are searching the internet for services that you provide. 

Focus on certain keywords your customers might search for when looking for the services you offer which can help position your business at the top of search results. 


Approaching your local community offline 

Despite the world becoming increasingly digital, traditional offline advertising is still as powerful as ever. 

Here are 4 key approaches to advertise your business more traditionally. 


1. The power of print advertising

Print advertising can be an effective way to promote your business as you’re in control of where and how your advert is placed. 

Combining multiple placements such as newspaper advertising, brochures and even billboards can make your logo/ branding immediately recognisable to the local community.

You may also find customers are more likely to engage with your print advertising, taking the time to read and digest the information, so they’re more likely to be receptive to your message than readers scanning their mobile device.


2. Sponsor a local team or group 

What better way to immerse yourself in the local community than giving back, by sponsoring a local sports team, group or society. Not only will your name and branding be seen at every football game, for example, but you’ll also gain a positive reputation in your area spread by word of mouth.

Ultimately, your business will gain trust and respect if you take the time to build positive relationships with local residents.


3. Get creative with signage 

Nothing is quite as effective as ensuring your brand logo or name is visible to the local community. Whether this is at an event or making sure your name is on show to passers-by on a busy weekend, great visual signage can catch their attention, inspire their interest and convert them into loyal customers.


4. Host or attend local events 

Whether it is directly related to your business or not, getting involved in local events puts your business right in front of potential new customers and gets people talking about your brand.

Look out for local fairs, community events, charity days, markets or trade shows and make sure to take lots of high-quality photos and videos for your social media platforms. 


Akeela Zahair