A Guide to Improving Your Professional Appearance

A Guide to Improving Your Professional Appearance

Appearance matters in most workplaces. If you don’t appear smart, professional, and hygienic, you could reflect a brand in a poor light, resulting in a smaller customer base, reduced revenue, and limited growth.

If you want to impress an employer and climb the career ladder, you might need to work on your grooming and fashion sense, as well as your knowledge and skills. Reach your full potential in an industry by reading this informative guide to improving your professional appearance.


Practice Good Hygiene

Poor personal hygiene can lead to a bad reputation across a business. Ensure your employer and colleagues only talk about you in a positive light by showering each morning, spraying deodorant, and brushing and flossing your teeth twice per day. It will ensure your scent never cuts a meeting or brainstorming session short.


Groom Your Hair and Nails

After you have cared for your hygiene, you must move onto grooming your hair. If you have long locks, ensure they are clean and frizz-free at work to match your smart appearance.

Also, trim your nails to stop them from growing too long. By doing so, you will appear fresh, clean, and professional at all times. An employer or a client can then focus their full attention on your pitch or presentation and not your dishevelled appearance.


Stick to Neutral Clothing Colours

Bold colours and prints will make you stick out for the wrong reasons in the workplace. Always appear professional by dressing in neutral shades each working day.

Black, white, grey, and beige hues are inoffensive and can help you appear sophisticated and smart. In addition, it will increase trust in your knowledge, experience, and ability.


Wear a Pleasant Fragrance

Clean, tidy, and presentable is important, but a pleasant fragrance will prove to an employer, your colleagues, and clients that you take much pride in your appearance. To turn people’s heads in your direction for the right reasons, wear a beautiful perfume or aftershave that matches your taste and personality.

For example, you cannot go wrong with Bond No 9 from parfumdreams, which offers New York-inspired scents for every gender. A pleasant fragrance will prove you have exceptional attention to detail when it comes to your professional style, and it could boost confidence in your appearance at work.


Care for Your Dental Health

In addition to brushing and flossing your teeth twice per day, it is essential to care for your smile. Yellow, crooked, or missing teeth will detract from your appearance and dent your self-esteem, affecting your performance at work and your professional image.

Building a rapport with customers and clients is crucial in almost every industry, and an imperfect smile could stop you from flashing your teeth. If you are self-conscious about your teeth, visit your dentist to improve your dental health.

For example, you could transform your teeth with:

∙ Professional teeth whitening

∙ A bridge or crown

∙ Dental implants

∙ A brace

∙ Veneers

Your straight, white smile could help you appear confident, warm, and friendly.


Overdress Each Working Day

Overdressing could impress an employer, as it will prove you care about your job and the company. Plus, the clothing you wear can indicate your ambition level to your boss, increasing the likelihood of them considering you for an upcoming promotion.

Even if your workplace has a casual dress code, skip the relaxed t-shirt and wear a formal shirt, blouse, dress, or suit to the office. Then, you can guarantee your employer will appreciate the effort you make each working day. Plus, your attitude, appearance, and professionalism could increase confidence in your skills, experience, and ability.


Choose Professional Accessories

Carrying loose papers to and from the office is not only a safety risk, but it can detract from your professional appearance. Instead, keep important documents safe, clean, and organized by placing them in a professional portfolio, briefcase, or cross-over body bag. These accessories will suit your smart attire, and you will look prepared when attending an important meeting.


Remove Any Visible Body Piercings

Everyone has a right to express their personality using accessories, piercings, and tattoos. Yet, they can appear unprofessional in a business setting, and many people may view them as untidy or distracting.

While it is your right to wear accessories that reflect who you are, you shouldn’t allow them to stand in the way of your career goals. Remove the likes of nose and lip rings during working hours and place them back in during your downtime. It could help you reach your potential at a fast rate, which is why it is worth the sacrifice.


Work on Your Body Language

Last but by no means least is your body language. If you sit slumped at your desk, cross your arms during a business meeting, or fail to look people in the eye, you could project the wrong attitude to senior management, a client, or a prospective supplier. For example, they might believe you are lazy, unconfident, or have limited passion for the job or company.

Instead, you must sit or stand with a straight back, lift your chin up, and ensure your arms appear loose and open. Don’t forget to look people in the eye during a conversation, and smile naturally when listening and talking to others. If you avoid slouching, appear engaged, and adopt an open and friendly demeanour, you could increase trust in your ability and experience.

Akeela Zahair

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