Achieving Real World ROI Through Web-Based Marketing Solutions

Achieving Real World ROI Through Web-Based Marketing Solutions

Founded in 2012, Search Creative is a specialist online marketing agency based in Cheshire that offers a plethora of web-based services. In this new technology-driven online business landscape, marketing agencies are becoming a crucial weapon in any company’s arsenal that is looking to stay ahead of the competition. We spoke with Search Creative’s Director, Paul Smith, to find out more about their services and expertise.

Marketing companies are becoming an ever-more essential element when it comes to differentiating your company from a wealth of competitors. As business moves into more digitised spaces it is important to have an expert on hand who can guide your company in the right direction, navigating the pitfalls and capitalising on the wealth of opportunities that the online marketplace offers.

As a sort of web-orientated ‘one-stop-shop’, Search Creative have seen remarkable success through offering a large variety of services and doing them all well, as Paul explains. “We offer web design, web development, social media marketing, and email marketing solutions, but our main focus and primary service offering is designing, developing and deploying SEO and Pay-Per-Click campaigns that provide our clients with the maximum ROI. We are proud to have achieved Google Partner status.

“Our two founding directors have amassed over 25 years of experience within the online industry, having previously worked in some of the largest and most prominent digital marketing agencies within the UK.”

More than all of that, Search Creative also pride themselves on being an ethical digital marketing agency, with the aim to being completely transparent in the work that they do – an often-overlooked quality in an industry where others often promise much, but offer little in the way of real-world results. “Unlike other marketing agencies, we solely work on a rolling 30-day contract to provide our clients with the additional peace of mind that they can cancel their agreement with us at any time if they are unhappy with the service provided. In that we always strive to surpass expectations.”

By adopting this approach, Search Creative have nurtured a dedicated client base across a wide range of markets and industries. This, in turn, has made the agency experts at actioning strategic solutions that are effective regardless of business size, industry saturation, region, budget and specific sector challenges. “We work with clients within a very diverse range of markets: from small local businesses to large national and multi-national organisations. Similarly, we work with large and small ecommerce sites and also more brochure type none transactional websites, developing and implementing campaigns to fit within the client’s budgetary constraints and also working to generate the maximum ROI.

Paul continues, detailing how Search Creative attracts new clients. “Perspective clients usually contact us directly through our prominent rankings bath within the organic and paid search results or have been referred to us by word of mouth from one of our many happy clients. We do also provide white labelled digital marketing solutions to other agencies that do not have the required skills or knowledge in house that our team possess.”

“Being a service-based business, our staff’s knowledge, experience and professionalism is what our clients pay for. We do not sell a traditional product, all of the optimisation work that we perform is as a result of the years of knowledge and experience that our staff have acquired throughout their years of experience within the internet marketing industry.”

As we come to the end of the interview, Paul is keen to discuss the shifting dynamics of the online marketing space, the importance of hiring a credible expert and, specifically, the role of SEO on a client’s visibility and web presence. “A number of clients have contacted us recently due to the fact that their sites are either underperforming or have seen a dramatic reduction in visibility online. This has resulted in a decrease in traffic generated and a reduction in sales online as a result of one of the frequent algorithm updates that are rolled out by Google and other major search engines.

“We have encountered issues with a number of business owners dipping into the SEO marketplace as a result of being inundated with unsolicited emails from offshore ‘SEO Experts’ who promise guaranteed results for a small spend. Given the quality of work performed and with much of this work being automated and spammy, many site owners are falling foul of Google’s updates to the algorithm and are seeing considerable decreases in rankings, if they initially seen any benefit at all with these types of campaigns, or in more severe cases their sites being penalised by manual action penalties depending upon the level of aggression that these ‘guaranteed’ SEO companies have utilised. 

“These types of campaigns do not only harm a sites performance short-term, but the actions of a back-hat SEO campaign can be associated with a domain by a search engine for many years to come, if not permanently. Not all SEO agencies are equal and if the cost of a campaign seems too good to be true and considerably lower than more reputable agencies have quoted, it could be doing more harm than good to the health, trust and authority of your site. SEO is not a quick fix solution, it is a gradually building solution as the agencies strive to make the clients site more authoritative and trusted by the major search engines, with many people being sold on lies of quick fixes such as guaranteed page one results. For the long-term success and health of a site, SEO campaigns needs to be ethical to ensure that they do not fall foul of any future algorithm updates and are designed to provide the long-term success and ROI for a business.  It can take a longer time period and require more work to be performed by an SEO professional than some people may expect as they strive to achieve prominent rankings for extremely competitive and aspirational phrases within the likes of Google.”

This is where Search Creative come in. As experts in SEO, they can make sure that your company achieves credible, ethical results that drive the growth of your company in the online space.


Company Details

Company: Search Creative

Name: Paul Smith, Director

Address: The Heath Business & Technical Park, Runcorn, WA7 4QX, United Kingdom


Telephone: +44 (0)1928 511 022

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