Amazing Administration Achievement


The world of administration has been in a constant flux over the last few years, with the COVID-19 pandemic transforming how all businesses have worked and operated in very short order. For many, it has been an opportunity to showcase what they can do. This is certainly true of the team from The Administration Hub, named in SME News’ Business Elite awards as Most Reputable Virtual Business Support Service, 2020 – London. We profile the firm to find out more.

Founded in 2017, The Administration Hub has rapidly grown into an essential lifeline for businesses and individuals. Under the inspirational leadership of Amy Watmore and Katy Moroney, the team have been able to offer an extensive range of services that have been invaluable during the current crisis and will continue to be so as the international situation continues to develop.

The Administration Hub provides an all-encompassing approach to business operations, taking a holistic view to how work is done. Each client has their own specific needs, and the team aim to meet these needs with great precision. With services on offer that include PA, admin, finance, HR, social media, marketing, compliance and e-learning, a Virtual Assistant from The Administration Hub could transform the way in which a business works. In these challenging times of redundancies and remote working, the team provide virtual or in-person support on a flexible basis to suit a range of needs and budgets. It’s possible to buy a set number of hours that allow an individual from The Administration Hub to cover a range of different areas.

The benefits to businesses are clear from the start. Some of the most in-demand professionals that are chosen for outsourcing work to are Virtual Assistants, administrators, bookkeepers, content creators, sales professionals and marketers. These are areas in which The Administration Hub excels. Businesses have started to feel more comfortable with freelance support on flexible terms for ad-hoc or long-term requirements. An administrator hired on a £24,000 per annum salary can cost an employer over £40,000 overall. The same amount of productivity can be bought per hour or on a project basis at just under £20,000 when working with a bespoke administrative solution from The Administration Hub.

Each client meets with a member of The Administration Hub team face-to-face, as they believe this is crucial to establishing and maintaining a long-term working relationship. Even in times like these when meetings must be done virtually, it is the best way of seeing what challenges have arisen for a company and how these might be addressed. The needs of clients can vary enormously, changing quickly according to circumstance. This variation is clearly reflected in the bespoke proposals that The Administration Hub submit, carefully adapted to every case.

This personal approach plays a huge part in the reduction of workload and overheads. It pinpoints any problem areas and allows the team to find a clear solution. Those who work at The Administration Hub have been able to apply their knowledge to a range of different industries, adapting easily to new approaches and sectors as well as bringing in fresh ideas to revitalise companies of all sorts. The team have been able to play an invaluable role in many organisations, establishing new systems that follow best practice in every respect.

This careful approach has ensured that the team are always in high demand and why they are so highly regarded by many. It has helped the firm to stand out from the competition is why they have achieved such enviable success in SME News’ Business Elite awards. A good reputation is built on strong results, and the team at The Administration Hub deliver strong results each and every time.

They manage this, because at the heart of The Administration Hub is an incredibly strong team of highly qualified professionals who work tirelessly to put all this work into practice. To guarantee the best quality workforce, potential employees must undergo a rigorous recruitment process. This ensures clients receive support that can truly make a difference to the company. At uncertain times such as these, the ability to outsource support in the short-term and the long-term to a trusted partner is an invaluable commodity. The Administration Hub is able to provide clients with someone who can alleviate time constraints, reduce costs and improve your work life balance. The high quality of these Virtual Assistants is guaranteed thanks to a diligent Operations Manager who oversees their work.

With a strong heritage of success providing virtual assistants, it’s little wonder that the team have adapted well to the brave new world of remote working. Since the COVID-19 pandemic, many companies have embraced the flexibility, reduced costs and improved work life balance that remote working offers, but some are still finding challenges in the field. To help businesses make the jump, The Administration Hub are now offering an impressive Remote Working E-Learning Course for those who have yet to discover the full potential of working online.

The course is designed specifically for organisations and/or individuals who are looking for their employees to work from home as part of their role or for an individual who is preparing to, or are working, from home and requires the understanding of what the expectations are from an employer or client. It is a certified course which not only enhances skillset, but gives confidence to employers, clients and the trainee.

The course is designed to be modular, once the bite size 13 modules are completed the user is then ‘Certified In Remote Working’ and is able to download a certificate and digital badge to display on their email signature and marketing material for confidence in what  they  now offer on a remote basis. Remote working is not something that everyone is instantly adept it. It is a skill that requires self-motivation, understanding, being able to prioritise, manage expectations and the ability to communicate with ease. Some people are better suited to remote working than others, but this innovative course from The Administration Hub provides clients with a wealth of knowledge for how to work in a new situation, alongside practical tools and a new-found confidence that could transform the way your business is run.

The Administration Hub  are partners with Xero and BreathHr in order to ensure that the team are always using the best procedures at every step. This partnership exemplifies how the team is forward thinking and able to take advantage of what is currently available to transform how businesses operate.

As the world changes rapidly, it’s important that businesses find a way forward that is flexible and beneficial to all parties. For the team at The Administration Hub, the way forward is obvious. Their way embraces the benefits of remote working and bespoke solutions to make a difference when it is needed most. Committed to delivering the highest of standards every time, everything that the team does is designed to take business administration to the next level – a worthy aim which has allowed them to achieve great success.