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Working exclusively in Avaya technology and its OneCloud services, IPNetix offers the implementation and management of this technological portfolio for its channel partners.

IPNetix is a specialist IT services company, working to provide the installation, servicing and maintenance of Avaya cloud technology and services for its clients. It prides itself on its unique solutions, being the only provider to offer its global customer base such comprehensive and turnkey products at a similar price point to its competitors. IPNetix is an exclusive service. However, it covers the entire broad expanse of the Avaya portfolio, which includes rich proficiencies across a contact centre, unified communications, collaborations, and CPaaS. Avaya’s solutions and products are arranged into three different areas of operation: Avaya OneCloud CCaaS, Avaya OneCloud UCAAS, and Avaya Onecloud CPaaS. Alongside the wide range found within the portfolio itself – operational, consumption based and commercial specifically in terms of model, all of which can be deployed in the cloud – Avaya also includes a subscription and managed services.

IPNetix works to implement Avaya’s services so its clients can take full advantage of this advanced system, specialising in everything from Communications Manager to Aura and its associated applications. It also takes pride in the quality of the products and services it offers, staunchly refusing to re-sell equipment, minutes, or lines. Between its team, it boasts over 100 years of cumulative knowledge, and offers its clients full national coverage with experienced accredited engineers on call 24/7 to offer around the clock help and support. IP Netix takes training and development very seriously, with all its engineers completing the manufacturer’s accreditation program. In this way, it has ensured continuity of service across its team.

Despite the competitive advantage it holds, IPNetix takes pride in not displaying this as an attitude towards its business partners, providing Avaya solutions on a white labelled basis and remaining flexible all the while. This allows customers to avoid accruing the usual high overhead associated with high-end technological solutions, especially ones that offer such a comprehensive support engineering team. Its values have also not changed since its inception, instead becoming a yet more pivotal part of its operation – it strives to keep its dedication to excellent standards of service even throughout broadening its approach, something shown in its many accolades such as its receipt of the Women in Tech award.

It considers its team to be a family as well as a cohort of professionals. ‘As one team we win together’, it told us – and therefore, as a unit, it strives for the delivery of excellent customer service as well as an eagerness to learn and grow. Furthermore, it is always seeking to compliment its team with new and diverse individuals that can offer a fresh perspective, running an apprenticeship scheme that is dedicated to headhunting promising young talent. Recently, it has had to direct its considerable collection of great minds to the task of resolving some of its most formidable challenges. There came a point where its business partners faced a roadblock in managing its own internal organisation, also having to juggle providing customer service to end users. During this period of tumult, IPNetix increased its presence, ensuring it was available to its partners and their customers for design and implementation of working solutions. In tandem with this, it saw a hugely increased demand for remote connectivity services over the course of the pandemic. This was a challenge and an opportunity both: initially, some of its core partners were forced to suspend operations, which hit revenue streams. However, it also allowed IPNetix to grow its footprint in its industry, largely down to its specialty Avaya services directed at channel partners who in turn offer the technology to end users. 2020 saw IPNetix connect over 45 thousand new remote users with their enterprises.

IPNetix is also looking forward to a bright future, planning the return of its successful roadshows with the Avaya team in 2021. Furthermore, if restrictions continue, it plans to move ahead with this networking by using virtual events and its contacts with its partners via social media channels. Both its Twitter and LinkedIn are incredibly active, and it has enjoyed great support and feedback regarding its operations through them. It seeks to only expand this going forward, running live events to keep its partners fully up to date with the company’s latest news and upgrades. In a final word, it had this to say: ‘We love hearing from our customers, and we act on every instance to make all our business interactions a success. Well done to the IPNetix team and a tremendous thank you to our customers, I do hope we can all celebrate this success face to face in 2021.’

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