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HigherWill provides training and coaching programmes for transformational leadership, and for personal growth and development.

HigherWill’s personal programmes work with a combination of coaching, training, energy healing, tailor-made guided meditations, and a lot of care and attention to help clients release blockages obstructing them from moving forward in their lives. The corporate training programmes focus on vision, values, goals and clarity of strategy, improving empathy, team building and developing loyalty in customers and your work force.

Lubna Samara, the founder of HigherWill, begins by outlining the ethos of the company and the work they do. “Our aim at HigherWill is to guide our clients to unfold the win-win-win path ahead for them – a win for them, a win for their team, and a win for their community or customers.  We help our clients to define their vision and values, gain insight into their life purpose, and to foster genuine, supportive connections.

We believe that we all share higher values and that we’re all connected by them.  Our values, whether we are consciously aware of them or not, will direct much of our choices and experiences in life both personally and professionally. This drive will account for some of our successes, but it can also shed light on much of what we perceive as our “failures”.

Lubna started her working career as a mathematician in the Petroleum industry, later moving into economics and investment banking. Here, she takes a moment to explain in more detail: “I had an intense spiritual awakening, and the received guidance over a couple of years.  I finally left my career to pursue this calling spending several hours a day practising Tai Chi, meditation, and energy healing; I learnt CBT and NLP techniques and coaching skills. I also read voraciously about spirituality, the superconscious mind, spiritual intelligence, and about as many disciplines and religions as I could access in the West.” Lubna continues, “This background gives a depth of perspective and experience which we apply to enrich our clients’ lives.  More than that, though, is the passion, devotion, and dedication to service which we hope defines HigherWill and the work we do.”

Energy healing is already a huge growth area in the US and the trend for bringing personal development into Leadership training is now starting to take hold in the UK. Lubna explains, “People like Brian Tracy and Robert Greenleaf who are giants in the Leadership field both speak of the importance of personal development for effective leadership. Brian Tracy lectures on the importance of connecting to the Superconscious Mind to be an effective manager, and underlining the importance of continual personal growth for successful. Servant Leadership is a massive growth area and it recognises one of the greatest strengths of a leader is the potential for healing oneself and one’s relationship to others.”

Lubna continues, “I would also highlight the need for a leader to have a clear vision of what they want to achieve and to ensure this is in line with the mission and values of the organisation. These are all aspects that are dealt with in-depth in coaching and training for leadership.”

With this in mind, HW is continuing to focus on training for both personal and corporate development. At the forefront of this effort is a new course that offers a comprehensive overview of energy healing, giving those who are eager to learn the best possible start on their spiritual journey and greater awareness. “We have a new Energy-Works: Healing for Growth, 6-week live online course starting at the end of September, which I will be facilitating.

“We all have innate healing abilities, and through applying our minds, we can train that faculty and grow our conscious awareness. Coming from a maths background, I was sceptical when a couple of people suggested I should try healing but finally went on an ‘I’ll try anything once’ basis. I’ve been healing for over 25 years, and I’m still truly awed by what we perceive when we apply our minds.”.

The course is accredited by the CPD, the Continuing Professional Development service.  Over the six weeks the course will include:

  • Personal support and attention
  • Weekly Workbooks to facilitate practice in between sessions and for use after the course with session information, exercises and guided meditations
  • Member of a private Facebook group to allow for practicing the exercises in pairs, share experiences, exchange information and get additional support
  • Certificate of Completion at the end of the course
  • Guidance on how to continue the healing journey after the course ends

To find out more or enrol in HigherWill’s 6-week training course, please click here:

For business enquires, contact Lubna Samara at HigherWill via email at [email protected] or online at

Founder of HigherWill Lubna Samara

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