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Strategi Solutions Group

Strategi Solutions Group is a Staffordshire-based business consultancy committed to building partnerships and providing innovative solutions to boost businesses. Founded by a HR professional and made up of a team of experts in people, talent, learning, safety, creativity and marketing, Strategi is unlike any other HR or business consultant. Working with the client to deliver successful outcomes with peace of mind, Strategi proves that everything is possible.  

Established in 2015, Strategi Solutions Group is a Midlands-based business services company providing a complete solution outsource of HR, Culture Change, Health and Safety, Learning, Talent, Design, Digital, Marketing, PR and Outdoor Media. Founded by Wendy Dean, formerly a HR professional and now a culture change guru, Strategi offers a whole new approach to business services that centres around people.

Working mainly with SMEs, the company implements a Total Strategi philosophy that helps brands grow both internally and externally. Thanks to the retainer option, clients are able to choose which services they use, when they need it, covering all the bases a client needs to boost within their business in a manner which lends total peace of mind. For example, a client may choose to create a brand-new logo whilst at the same time starting a phase of recruitment. Strategi is able to offer their unparalleled digital, marketing and people services to accomplish these two goals.

Built on core values of Partnership, Innovation, Honesty, Courage and Impact, the company helps other businesses grow by maximising the impact of their people. That is the idea behind Total Strategi, which also maximises clients resources to better achieve their business goals. When Wendy first set up Strategi, her vision was to create a business that was built around culture change and employee engagement. As such, she seized every opportunity she could to make the business as diverse and wide-ranging as possible, so that clients could come away with complete solutions.

Moreover, unlike other HR consultancies, Strategi views its client relationships as so much more than transactional. Instead, the firm builds its partnerships with longevity in mind to facilitate future growth. This means going above and beyond in their services for clients, for instance, creating a whole new website which is not a service offered by most mainstream consultants. As a result, in only five years, Strategi has set itself far apart from its competitors and proudly turns over in excess of £1 million per annum.

Predominantly this success can be put down to the collaborative culture that exists at the heart of Strategi’s team of twenty. A crucial attribute in any potential candidate is selflessness, as the unity of the Strategi family is its key attribute. Being a small team means that everyone plays a role in decision making and working towards growing the firm, and this cooperation is enhanced by biannual strategy days, pizza and film nights and a fun office environment. Together, the team always seeks to focus on their business, their development and their future as a unit.

Training is therefore crucial to Strategi, which encourages the team to attend the courses they deliver on everything from HR Survival Skills, Leadership and First Aid. The firm also sponsors formal qualifications and is putting two of its team through college to complete accountancy qualifications, whilst one colleague is studying for the CIPD and another is undertaking the health and safety qualification. Everyone is encouraged to learn and upskill themselves where possible, particularly in recent months when many of the team have been on furlough.

Covid-19 has had a notable impact on Strategi, as it has on many businesses across the UK. The firm has seen an increase in the number of clients seeking to re-evaluate and restructure their businesses to be more effective, whilst the changing work environments, such as remote and flexible working, are being reflected in policies and procedures being adjusted and brought up to date. Strategi’s comprehensive services are designed to facilitate such transformations. The firm’s ‘Step Up Programme’ has proven particularly popular with clients looking to go back to basics and reinvent themselves, as it helps them to review their people strategies in a methodical and structured way.

During the pandemic, Strategi has landed three major, long-term contracts, proving the power of pushing through even the most difficult times in order to grow. Whilst the firm helps their clients, in return the clients will help Strategi to grow in the future, creating more jobs and improving profit margins. As it looks forward to a busy and productive period, Strategi continues to seek businesses that they can work with which complement their own, in order to expand their portfolio to suit even more client needs.

Susannah Griffin

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