Building the Teams of the Future for Today’s Businesses

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Integrated Resources, a company lauded as the ‘Best in HR Outsourcing and Consultancy’ in 2022 for the United Kingdom, has gained an impeccable reputation through aiding its clients on their path to success. By helping them build the best teams through restructure, hiring, and incentive program development, it ensures that every business it works with across the corporate world is backed by the best people and the best infrastructure.

With a motto of ‘we solve people problems’, Integrated Resources takes pride in resolving the challenges that face modern business when it comes to human resources. Its HR work focuses on releasing the potential of the people involved in the business, improving performance and inspiring growth across the entirety of a business’s life cycle. Fundamentally, this makes it a partner to its client’s businesses from start to finish, ensuring that they are supported throughout their human resources journey, and that they have the best advice and tools at their fingertips to make this part of their business the best it can be.

After all, good HR solutions make for the best teams of staff, and the best teams of staff make for the healthiest businesses. Nominally, the people behind the business will always be its backbone, and so Integrated Resources wishes to assist clients across all manner of industry verticals, scales, and markets in fortifying this foundation as best it can, using compliance, candidate search, and performance review to do so. Its employment law and compliance work aid its clients when they come to navigating the intricacies of current employment law, as it knows that this can be a labyrinthine experience that makes it easy to get lost in the weeds of specific legislation.

Without the need to hire expensive lawyers, Integrated Resources guides its customers through the process with diligence and tenacity. Showing its comprehensive understanding of the law as it applies to the corporate world and people management – from documentation to procedural elements – its support is comprehensive and empathic. Therefore, Integrated Resources’ work takes care of employee relations, robust documentation, restructuring, settlement agreements, HR shared services, compliance, and more, allowing a client to build a team they can trust.

Another critical part of building such a team is the search and selection of prospective candidates. Crucially, this ensures that the new personnel structure a client has built can be filled with the right people, people who believe in the principles of the business and who will contribute positively to the company’s core goals. From defining a role to salary negotiation – and even checking references – it helps its clients to trawl through applicants and put forward the best of the best for the vacancies in question, reinforcing the new company architecture and making use of transparent recruitment strategies.

It also aids its clients through impeccable performance management. In essence, this helps clients to ensure their organisations are fit to purpose, helping a client to improve the goal-orientation of the business by shifting how its people work to achieve it, all its interventions having been crafted to be tailorable and adaptive. It will help its clients to cultivate a business that thrives in a competitive and sometimes unforgiving marketplace, aiding it in performance development, due diligence, releasing potential, 360-degree feedback, organisation audit, and engagement and wellbeing solutions.

This helps a client to keep their finger on the pulse of their staff’s wellbeing, happiness, and satisfaction, ensuring that they are each getting what they want to get out of a role whilst also ensuring that said role and its duties fit the purpose of the organisation in the macro scale. Through this work, Integrated Resources has made a name for itself with its corporate leading clients and with their staff, making itself a charismatic and friendly face around the business by way of its own exemplary and sensitive staff members, each of whom ensure Integrated Resources lives up to client expectations.

Indeed, living up to expectations is something that this company has become well known for. No matter how high the goalposts for meeting these are, it will always strive to go above and beyond at every turn, designing strategies that function seamlessly around the structure of the client’s own company so that its solutions are never in the way and always beneficial. Its rewards and benefits schemes are also a big part of this; these are designed to be both efficient and compliant, granting additional structure to employee benefit management that will contribute to the success of the staff and company both, giving clients a way to thank the hardworking people within their ranks.

Through outsourcing the research and allowing it to establish the benchmarks for criteria thusly, its employee incentivisation is bespoke and brilliant, giving people the kind of rewards they would like to reap as a direct benefit of their efforts and ensuring the client’s company can show its gratitude. With contract negotiation and HMRC Liaison services going hand in hand with this sort of work, Integrated Resources can promise the kind of reward benefit structure that will maximise the value of a client’s budget and provide alternative rewards to just cash incentives.

Additionally, it can take a personal approach to its human resources efforts through the direct delivery of coaching and workshops. Its experience in coaching individuals in a wide range of issues and topics has garnered it additional notoriety amongst clients who have benefitted from its leadership coaching, career guidance, and performance coaching. Having worked with both individuals and teams – across all levels of business, from the bottom to the top of any organisation – it can provide the kind of coaching that increases productivity through giving people the tools they need to succeed.

This is especially useful for situations that involve shifts in the workplace, as its transition coaching can provide expert onboarding for clients finding that their roles have changed due to other restructuring services also provided by Integrated Resources. Modular, bespoke, and brilliant across every single one of its services, Integrated Resources promises to continue giving clients the confidence they need to work towards the best future for their organisation. Building the best teams with the best attitudes, its efforts will remain impeccable in both theory and execution long into the future, adapting these accordingly so it can keep itself contemporary in a changing market.

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