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Posted 4th June 2024

Centelli: Bringing Your Business into the Future

Thanks to Centelli, companies are making bold strides towards an easier, simpler workflow and more robust business intelligence.

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centelli: bringing your business into the future.

Centelli: Bringing Your Business into the Future
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Thanks to Centelli, companies are making bold strides towards an easier, simpler workflow and more robust business intelligence. As the winner of the Robotic Process Automation Company of the Year award for 2024, Centelli is being recognised for its efficiency and innovation. The company excels at excelling others by leveraging process automation, financial outsourcing, and cutting-edge business intelligence.

Since its incorporation in 2014, Centelli has been growing into a staple of its niche – and it has expanded to 170 employees across the UK, Europe, Asia, and North America. Its team of experts in automation and business intelligence strives to see clients benefit from a rapid return on investment. The mission at Centelli is to streamline processes and transform employee experience for those businesses who need extra help in their day-to-day, eliminating tedious, repetitive tasks and enabling focus on creative, strategic activities instead. It not only revolutionises processes, but it also improves businesses across-the-board, simplifying their operations to the benefit of everyone from stakeholder to consumer and making working lives more meaningful.

The key to understanding Centelli’s mission is thinking to the future. Every business, large or small, is hindered by inefficient processes to some extent, but the company looks to a time when everything runs as smoothly as possible. It specialises in intelligent automation, finance and accounting outsourcing, and business intelligence, serving businesses of all sizes and scaling its service to suit an organisation and its goals. Its approach prioritises the understanding and improving of the business processes that need to be fulfilled, but ideally not by a human workforce – meaning the company is aligned with its clients’ objectives from the offset, always innovating with their best interests in mind and nearing this future of efficiency one client at a time.

Intelligent Automation

Any business’s day-to-day is formed in part by repetitive tasks, whether they operate in hospitality, healthcare, retail, automotive, or finance and accounting. Centelli enables humans to focus on value-adding tasks, think freely, and think strategically. Through machine learning and AI, it trains digital workers to automate repetitive processes. The direct results, among others, are an impressive average of five-times increased efficiency, reduced error, and a much lower rate of employee burnout. Deployable across a range of processes from customer service to human resources, Centelli does not intend for these digital workers to replace humans, but to ease the tedium of their workdays, and afford human workers the freedom to do what they do best.

Outsourced Finance and Accounting Services

Centelli offers a comprehensive range of accounting and compliance services. In line with its goal of streamlining business processes, its finance experts provide an adaptable, technologically enhanced service at competitive rates. Centelli is conscious of the need to work its services around a business’s consumer offering, so it takes a client-centric approach to financial outsourcing. A focus on maximum ROI for its clients drives the company’s work, and its financial and compliance services are no exception to the rule.

Business Intelligence and Analytics

Going further still to innovate, Centelli offers tools to process large volumes of data and generate accurate reports, enabling a business to operate with up-to-date information without having to spend the manhours to decipher it, saving time, cost, and bringing a business up to speed faster than ever. Its tools can extract, analyse, and interpret data from all types of devices, then leverage this data to provide AI-powered predictive insights and real-time analytics. Centelli understands that to innovate, informed decision-making is a must, so it takes the legwork out of intelligence gathering and allows businesses to focus on where they are headed next.

Centelli offers these services with confidence and in line with its client-centric values, providing previews of their capabilities before a business formally decides to use them. The company is outcome-focused, concerned with solving problems in the best, most thorough way with minimal disruption to its clients’ workflows. Its values include acting in its clients’ best interests by adapting its services to existing technology within their businesses. Centelli is keen for its clients to not invest unnecessarily in new systems and processes they do not need, and it takes pride in this first-class dedication to its clients.

In tandem with this client commitment, Centelli is conscious of the ever-growing fear surrounding AI and automation. While it acknowledges this understandable concern, it intends to ease fears, working not to replace human workers but to make their lives easier. Centelli has found that human employees are much happier when the mundane elements of their jobs are taken over, and that with the assistance of digital workers, companies are better equipped to maintain and grow a staff base. Automating tasks improves overall productivity and value for money. Importantly, it does not replace the need for human input, and Centelli is as eager as many others are to avoid a future devoid of human workers.

Moreover, Centelli’s belief in the human element of business shines through in how it introduces technological solutions to clients in an uncomplicated way. The company is aware that many of its clients are, of course, not proficient in AI and machine learning, and its team strives to introduce these services to the business with this in mind. It aims to make the complicated simple, believing that you shouldn’t need a thorough education in these tools to reap their benefits.

Take the word of its clients to understand Centelli’s personal interest in the people it works for and the transformative impact of his automation solutions on their operations:

“Working with Centelli to onboard our first digital worker was a great experience. They made a genuine effort to understand our business and the intricate complexities of our processes.”

“Our digital workers have helped us better manage our business and drive business improvement, and our employees love them. Centelli’s been great from day one – so adaptable, responsive, and collaborative. I’d highly recommend them.”

“Centelli have quickly gained an understanding of our requirements and have worked closely with the business to truly understand our business requirements and make sure our digital workers can carry out these tasks effectively.”

Notably, Centelli has had a significant effect on the hospitality sector, collaborating with renowned brands such as Village Hotels, Clermont Hotels, Jurys Inn/Leonardo Hotels, Dalata Hotel Group, Apex Hotels, Davidson Group, Soho House, and The Ivy Collection. As you read this, Centelli’s digital workers are processing over 500,000 emails a month; taking over 50% of the reservation service centre workload for one leading hotel chain; running over 50 automations for another; and running the joiner/mover/leaver process for multiple hotels.

As a result of Centelli’s offering to hotels, they enjoy better guest and employee experience, including easier hiring and retention; higher revenues; better data; and improved scalability. Digital workers are performing the tasks that humans don’t want to and shouldn’t need to do in an ideal world, and they have proven to complement the workforce, freeing staff members to focus their attention on guests and the more complex/cognitive and creative tasks. Centelli works across multiple PMS (using native integrations into OPERA and an Oracle Partner) and can work with any business application.

Centelli benefits not just from an impressive body of work and a comprehensive offering, but from an internal culture of support and professionalism. Employees praise the company’s supportive seniors and its commitment to learning and development. They describe it as a home-like environment with friendly coworkers and a great place to start a career. The company’s people-focused approach starts from within and spans their entire array of services.

Also, the company places great importance on sustainability and ethical practices. It minimises paper usage to the extent of actively discouraging use, promotes the use of public transport, and encourages a culture of equality and accountability within its workforce. Within its beliefs, too, it prioritises working with a broad range of individuals rather than just focusing on a select few, with this permeating everything it does.

As a highly innovative business intelligence consultancy, Centelli intends to continue paving the way in its industry, learning from its work with more clients, systems, and environments every year to deliver ever more sophisticated AI-driven tools and business insights. Its service is tailored to every client, and from each business, it learns how to adapt to new sets of challenges, pre-existing systems, and unique workflows.

It is driven forward by its experimentation-based approach to technology, with its employees dedicating 10% of their time to exploring new technologies, as a result, fostering a culture of continuous innovation. This strategy has enabled Centelli to remain at the forefront of technological advancements, and it will continue aiming to enhance productivity through efficiency and effectiveness. It has evolved from implementing solutions to allowing users to adopt and implement these technologies, and introducing cutting-edge technology like machine learning and AI to clients remains the focus.

Beginning a journey with Centelli is as simple as getting in touch with the team for a free consultation. Regardless of size and scope, the company provides free demonstrations of its services and builds its offering around a client’s specific needs. The future looks bright for Centelli and its clients; it is an exciting company to watch going forward as it develops on its already award-winning service and changes the industry for the better.

For business enquiries, contact Harriet Kotvics from Centelli on their website – www.centelli.com

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