Consulting Sales: 5 Proven Tactics that Will Help You Get More Consulting Clients

Consulting Sales

Many UK businesses that were thriving in the offline world have learned that they need to go online to set their ground and thrive in the post-pandemic world. Digital transformation is daunting, which is why consulting companies, web designers, and marketers are on the rise.

Back then, it was challenging to implement payment processing, marketing, and sales conversion tools so the business could run virtually. Today, migrating the business and acquiring clients is facilitated by the digital transformation and the ability to reach more consulting clients.

According to statistics, the UK consultancy sector is one of the largest in the world. And recently, despite the economic uncertainty, it has been estimated to bring a profit of over £11.3 billion by over 1,000 reputable management consulting companies.

It certainly seems that management consulting is one of the best niches to start and scale your business these days. Therefore, if you’ve decided to launch your consulting company and are now looking to increase sales, you’ve come to the right place. Here we’ll discuss the best-proven tactics to help you acquire more consulting clients and boost your budget.

Identify Your Area of Expertise

By now, you’ve probably identified your area of expertise which makes you stand out from the competitors and displays the unique value you offer to clients. According to Mark Holmes, a value proposition is mainly about the customer, not about the company, service, or product. The unique value of the proposition you offer lies within the value you can offer to your customers.

What are the perks of hiring your company? How can clients benefit from your services? Is your team well-trained and experienced to lead the growth of consulting sales? You need to consider all of the areas where your consulting company can thrive, so you implement scalable business systems.

When you have clear objectives and convey the right message to the right clients, you will sign clients that need your services the most. The unique value of the proposition will drive the clients toward your company.

Identify Your Clients

Half of the job is done if you understand who your clients are. You need to list the key attributes and qualities of the clients you’d like to acquire, which will help you create the outreach strategy and convey it to the right audience. Some of the key points to consider are:

  • Whether you support organizations or individual clients;
  • Are you based in a specific geographic region;
  • Which problems can your company solve?;
  • What would be your perfect project and what title your client needs to have?;
  • Which business-size companies can you afford?

After you’ve discussed the essentials of identifying your new client, it’s time to search for the potential ones.

Invest in Advertising

A happy customer is the best marketing you can do for your company. However, you need to be present in the online world and create your marketing game to attract more customers. And if you are looking to get the word out there about your consulting business, paid advertising is the best option.

You can create targeted campaigns with Facebook Ads and reach the target audience. Additionally, you can hire a digital marketing company that will work on your SEO and PPC strategies. Here are a couple of ways to improve your site’s ranking.

Sharing useful content is crucial in establishing your company as an authority in the niche you are working in. The content speaks louder when it comes to advertising your services and showing clients which problems you can solve for them.

David Dulany, a researcher from Tenbound, says that sharing relevant content is a two-way street and consulting companies need to have fresh messages conveyed to their customers and genuine interest from clients.

Ask Your Current Clients to Refer Your Business

If the consulting clients you are working with are satisfied with your services, do not be afraid to ask for a referral. They can recommend you to their contacts, so it doesn’t hurt to ask. Clients that had positive experiences with you will be willing to recommend your company.

Follow Up On Leads

Following up on old leads is important since these businesses didn’t have the right timing for the conversation with your consulting company. These are businesses that haven’t been nurtured enough.

So, you can give a few calls to old leads, share your positive outcome and results you’ve acquired to your happy customers and see where on the curve their business is standing. This leaves space for the client to revisit the idea of collaborating with your consulting company, so never underestimate the power of a good old talk with a potential client.

Monitor Progress

While it’s certain that you need to monitor the progress of your strategies and processes, your company needs to offer a new perspective that aligns with your client’s needs. This will identify core issues within the business and you can recommend the right solutions.

Hire a Consultant Agency Now!

Whether you’ve been wondering if you should hire a consultant agency for your business, now it’s the time to do it after you’ve read about the proven tactics they work with to improve your operations.

Akeela Zahair