Coping With Your Financial Windfall

Some people just seem to be in the right place at the right time, and life smiles on them. We all know the odds of being a lottery winner are not always in our favour, but someone wins, and they win big. We all don’t have a long-lost relative who leaves us a fortune or discovers a herb that reduces wrinkles. But some do. And when they come into their financial windfall. How do they cope? In this article, we will prepare you for that very thing. We hope to give you some sound advice to show you ways to cope with your very own financial windfall.

Getting prepared

Payoff bills

You may be tempted just to let everything ride along as it always has. You have kept up the payments until now, so why not enjoy your newfound money and just let the rest go? First of all, you will save money by paying off debts that charge you interest. You will also improve your creditworthiness. Pay off all your debts, including your mortgage, student loans, automobile loans, and credit cards. If your credit cards carry high-interest charges, close the accounts.

Emergency management accounts

Never assume everything will always be as good (or as bad) as it is today. No matter where you are in life, always be sure to include fuel, clothing, education, and emergencies such as travel expenses. Deposit that amount of money into an account that pays interest. Speak to your financial institution about the best account to use. This emergency fund should not be touched unless it is a true emergency.

Never Keep Your Money On You

You will find that the more people know you have money, the more they want you to share it. People have a lot of ideas that they are sure are money-makers, and need someone to invest in them. If you do not have money on hand, it is easier to get away from them. Simply saying, I don’t keep cash handy is an easy way to dismiss someone. If they become pushy, you will have to be firm with them. But even then, having your cash in a safe place gets you off the immediate hook.

Hire Financial Experts

People of financial means do not deal with one person; they need a team of people. You will need a rock-solid financial advisor. His or her group must have experience in short-term and long-term investment strategies. They must be current with market trends and willing to negotiate for terms to fit your specific needs. Sometimes a financial advisor does more than consult and advise. Some groups prepare fiscal reports, strategies, and other financial activities. It is important you select a group that you are comfortable working with and trust. This trust must be based on a proven track record.

It is also important that you hire a good business attorney to oversee your business dealings. Some other specialists you may need, based on the types of investments you make, may include:

● Tax specialist
● Business advisors
● Real estate specialist

More specialists will be added to the list as your investments and plans develop.

Designing your life

No matter how much money you come into, one thing is certain. If you want it to last for the remainder of your life and beyond, you have to have a plan. Money invested and used wisely generates more money. When money goes out, and nothing comes in to replace it, it runs out. It is that simple.

If education expenses will be in your future, planning for them in advance means you can grow money to offset the expense. If you plan on moving to a new home in the future, you can take advantage of prime real estate markets, tax advantages, and other perks by letting experts have time to work.

Pay yourself a salary

It is a common problem. People suddenly find themselves rich. They are plunged into a world they never expected to learn about. They have to learn a new normal. Suddenly, keeping the power bills paid and having a little left in the bank at the end of the month is not the main priority. They are making decisions they never had to make before. It is easy to lose sight of the fact that they are dealing with real money.


Now you have a good handle on how to cope with your windfall. With your professional group behind you and some good common sense, you should be financially secure for many years. The hope is your investments will pay off, and you will be set for life. So, if you have come into a financial windfall, start making your plan today.