Cryptoccurrencies: What to Expect in 2022

The year 2021 has seen a lot of drama in the cryptocurrency space. Bitcoin rose to its highest value ever. Non-fungible tokens have become more popular and are currently becoming mainstream, the metaverse getting a lot of juice from tech giants, and so much more. For the year 2022, we cannot rule out any possibility, like tech. Innovations are springing up like wildfire.

There are so many speculations about the direction of cryptocurrency. Still, since no one is the final authority on crypto, we will be revealing our assumptions in the cryptocurrency space. We have grouped them into some top categories and topics for easy reading. Let’s jump right in.

The crypto space is still a very potent way of making money. Although there are still a lot of market fluctuations and volatility, we expect more stability in the coming year. Bitcoin is predicted to reach $100,000 in 2022. Since it is a no-brainer that BTC affects most cryptos, we expect the value of other stable coins to increase. Making more money will mean using strategies and platforms that are tested and trusted, like auto traders. These auto traders help people make a lot of money by doing all the trading for them with the help of powerful algorithms. Reliable platforms like BitIQ are still very much profitable and will be around for a very long time to come.

The metaverse
We have seen two tech giants Facebook and Microsoft, talk about their interests in the metaverse and purchases already going on with people buying digital lands for over $1,000,000 and so much more. So as the metaverse goes mainstream, there is a high probability that the use of digital currencies will soar even higher. We believe that the metaverse will drive the price of its coins higher and give birth to projects that will further improve the adoption of cryptocurrencies. We expect more companies to jump on the metaverse bandwagon in the coming year and more buzz created.

Market adoption
We saw El-Salvador adopt Bitcoin as a legal tender this year. This bold singular act will encourage more countries to adopt crypto more.

Though there are a lot of speculations as to whether Bitcoin will ever rise again or not, we believe that cryptocurrencies will have more adoption in most parts of the world.
Also, come 2022, we should see more central banks create digital currencies. This would further drive market adoption.

Gaming and NFT’s
We are expecting to see more crypto games: Games like Azie infinity and The Sandbox enjoyed a lot of engagements and paparazzi in 2021; creating an avenue for other gaming vendors to mix entertainment and money-making (2 things most people seems to enjoy)

NFTs came as a shocker, gaining more steam just a few months back. There have been record-breaking purchases on NFT’s already, and we hope to see more of these in the coming year. We are going to be seeing a lot of NFT.

New projects
So many projects with fantastic goals and use cases were launched this year, and their growth is still anticipated. For already completed projects, we expect to see a rise in the value of these coins. Also, we hope to see more blockchain projects spring up.

There are so many thoughts and speculations on what 2022 would hold for the cryptocurrency space, but we are very sure there will be a lot of engagements and ‘drama’. Getting to the crypto utopia may not come next year, but we are sure to get closer.