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Posted 15th December 2017

December 2017

Just 14% of UK SMEs claim that productivity is not an issue, highlighting the amount of businesses affected.

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december 2017.

December 2017
SME News - December 2017

Welcome to the December edition of SME News, providing you with the latest news, announcements about enterprises throughout the UK during the festive season.

In recent news, according to research from Opus Energy, just 14% of UK SMEs claim that productivity is not an issue, highlighting the extent of small businesses that are affected. Incentivising staff to ensure that productivity remains high is a challenge but with carefully selected investments, it is possible for SMEs to boost their output, earning a significant return on investment, GIC Capital explains.

Featuring in this month’s edition of SME, is Forensic Pathways. The company is headquartered in the Colmore Business District of Birmingham, with an office based in Perth, Australia and a number of international distributorships and strategic partners. Forensic Pathways is internationally recognised for innovation and international collaboration. Taking time to talk us through how the firm came to be named Best Forensic Software Development Company – West Midlands, is the firm’s Senior Management.

Staying with this theme of successful companies, Crown Workforce Management Systems specialise in the development and supply of software for private and public-sector organisations to optimise their workforce. David Hughes provides us with a breakdown of the services that the company offers and describes what aspects make it successful.

Elsewhere in this edition, a recent report that was created by acclaimed futurist, James Wallman and Yell, reveals a positive view on how working lives will look by the year 2050, all thanks to a wave of new technologies, which include artificial intelligence, augmented reality and the internet of things. The results generated from this are intriguing, with the most prominent being the ‘Four Hour Working Day’.

Lastly, we discover more about Beyond the Battlefields, a firm that was originally formed as a charity that was set up to look after the well-being of the ex-service community, in both parts of the Island of Ireland by an ex service person, Mr. Robert McCartney. Robert is Chairman and Counsellor of Beyond the Battlefield. Recently Chief Executive, Annemarie Hastings provided us with an overview of the Charity, going into detail about the mission of the firm and its future aspirations.

Here at SME News, we hope that you enjoy reading this edition and we wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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