Driving Success at Your SME with Shutterstock Editor


Attributed to Andrew Jaico, Shutterstock’s Director of Product

We live in an increasingly digital world. Marketing has become more visual than ever before and creators have new platforms to consider ranging from Instagram to Pinterest and more.

Customer audiences now expect to see aesthetically pleasing content across platforms that incorporates crucial information and is up to speed with emerging creative trends. As a small- or medium-sized enterprise (SME), you might be asking yourself: How can I possibly keep up?

In comparison to larger organisations, you might feel like you don’t have the design resources needed to compete and produce fresh creative content quickly enough.

Launched in 2016, Shutterstock Editor enables anyone to design and create marketing materials without expensive software or design training.  It can help your marketing team jump on creative and news trends quickly, transforming your customer communications to tell your company story and engage local customers.

With Shutterstock Editor, SMEs can simplify the creative marketing process through professionally pre-made templates, easy-to-use design features, and seamless collaboration tools.


Jumpstart Your Design with Pre-Made Templates

Whether you’re looking to connect with loyal customers through an email newsletter, or reach new audiences with a social media infographic, Editor can help jumpstart the process with a wide array of pre-existing designs. These templates are perfect for the days you simply don’t know where to start—or the days when you’re strapped for time. With more than 150 customisable options available, Editor allows users to complete a professional and tailored campaign.

For more complex designs or projects, Editor also offers templates that leverage a multi-page function. With the ability to add and edit these pages all in one place, users can easily create custom and multifaceted presentations.

As an SME, time is incredibly precious and it isn’t always realistic to spend hours creating a new template design for every customer communication.


Take Advantage of Feature Updates

As the evolution of digital and AI drive the media and marketing landscape, SME marketers must evolve alongside it.

For example, Editor recently unveiled a new capability that’s top of mind to designers everywhere: background removal. The tool makes it easy to cut out an object and place it in another design. This advanced feature has long been a staple of any professional designer’s toolkit and now enables anyone to quickly edit and design creative content, without needing prior design education or clunky software.

The perspective tool allows marketers to adjust the appearance of digital content for any platform. The ability to create accurate, high quality mockups means SME marketers can test designs across mediums before they roll out content, maximising customer engagement once it’s live.

These are just two examples of the features leveraged by SMEs on Editor every day. While the application is easy to use, SMEs can boost efficiencies even further through a series of tutorials. These step-by-step guides will help ensure your project is completed quickly and professionally when creating marketing materials, from email newsletters to multi-page PDFs to professional graphics, and more.


Collaborate with Teammates through Seamless Integration

To ensure business buy-in throughout the design process, Editor allows a designer to share mockups and images with colleagues and clients before you commit to them. This removes the need to spend unnecessary budget on licensing images before a design is approved. What’s more, you can collaborate across platforms, including Twitter, Pinterest, Google Slides Chrome plug-in, email, or a shareable link, so teams can function in the best way to suit their workflow. Collaborating live with others throughout the creation process helps to streamline work across your SME.

Nowadays, consumers are being engaged on every device and platform, and technology and creative trends are evolving every second. Platforms such as these can help SMEs save time and money, while staying relevant and driving success in today’s digital world.