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Entrepreneurs prioritise brand building above meeting financial targets

January 26, 2018


Entrepreneurs prioritise brand building above meeting financial targets

Building their brand is the most important priority for entrepreneurs, according to the latest research from serviced office specialist Workthere. Aspects such as choosing a company name and deciding on marketing costs topped the table (ranked as important by 47% of those surveyed) for small business owners, followed by meeting financial targets and achieving work/life balance.

Entrepreneurs face a barrage of crucial decisions (an average of 16 each day) from the moment they launch, and with 40% of small companies failing after five years[1], these decisions can make or break a business.

Workthere’s research shows that entrepreneurs also state financing the business and developing solutions for clients to be some of the most important decisions they make on a daily basis, with aspects such as staff hires and tangible products playing less of an urgent role.


The research comes as Workthere launches its guide for entrepreneurs to help them navigate the numerous business decisions they have to make each day. Interestingly, Workthere’s research reveals that 40% of entrepreneurs currently lean on the support of friends and family, often asking them for help when it comes to making a decision.

The figures also reveal that female business owners are more likely to lose sleep over decisions, with 45% claiming business decisions often give them sleepless nights (men: 38%). In addition, more than twice as many women than men said that they make the majority of their business decisions in bed. (women: 10%, men: 4%).

Click here to see the Workthere guide for entrepreneurs in full.

Cal Lee, Head of Workthere, said:

“Building a brand and establishing a business is a serious chain of decisions that entrepreneurs have to prioritise. However there’s so many things to think about when you launch a business that it can be difficult to keep up. We’ve launched the Workthere guide to help entrepreneurs and business owners navigate the tricky first few years, including first hand advice and experiences from businesses who have made it work.”

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