Experts Discuss Important Social Media Platforms for Home Improvement Firms

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Traditional marketing is being eclipsed by online marketing as we progress to an increasingly digital environment. The need to constantly improve on our marketing capabilities is critical nowadays. The fact is that home improvement companies can use social media channels to showcase their brand and increase market share.

As a result, home improvement businesses should embrace the use of the rewards that social media may provide as part of their broader digital marketing plan. Customers now want to communicate with and promote your services and products digitally, so you won’t need to be as adventurous as some businesses to entice customers to interact with you.

A powerful presence on social media will enable you to get a higher ranking in search engines, more referrals, and develop credibility as an industry insider. We discussed the most effective social media networks for home improvement businesses to attain these goals with social media analysts. 


Facebook is a Great Place to Start if you Want to Grow Your Audience

“Everyone has a Facebook account. If you have only limited time to concentrate on one channel, Facebook is one I will suggest for nearly all local home improvement companies,” William Jeffrey, Marketing Technologist at Symantech Inc. – a Manchester-based digital marketing firm, told us. “Before you begin establishing your web presence, take a moment to map out your home improvement marketing approach. Try to explore strategies for your marketing goals; before getting started in any industry. If you’re a composite decking supplier, for example, do some study on “social media strategies for composite decking supplier” prior to beginning, ” 

He went on: “On a routine basis, write intriguing Facebook posts, post images of your work to albums, and offer your insight to your followers. To make before/after photographs for status updates, use photo editing software. Add captions to your photographs that provide helpful advice to your audience”. 

“Please share some of your ideas and offer opinions to your audience. Request that your current consumers promote your page with their social media networks. Your core fans should be rewarded. Above all, don’t post too frequently (1 per day is ideal) and don’t be irritating or salesy.”


Find New Customers on Pinterest

Pinterest has won over the female segment of the population between 25-45 years old. Women are bookmarking and sharing photographs of their rental property (as well as food to cook and favourite Kim Kardashian clothes) for reference purposes.

“Since photographs on Pinterest have links directly to their main source, contributing to this platform has the ability to send a lot of traffic to your webpage. Pinterest, in fact, currently generates greater clicks than Yahoo,” Elizabeth Stephens, Director of Technology of Techfave – a global social media marketing company, told us.

To begin, “pin every photograph from your official site to the board of your company account,” according to Elizabeth.

“The search tool on Pinterest isn’t fantastic right now, and it’s tough to locate people in your area that you would want to interact with. Look for nearby stores or establishments who have an account and connect with their followers to get around this. They should give you a follow back, as per Pinterest culture,” she added. 


Instagram Can Help You Grow Your Brand

When it comes to online influencer marketing and online reputation, Instagram is a highly important tool for your firm. It’s a great way to engage with influencers to grow your business; for instance, if you’re in the home maintenance business, it’s a great way to seek out and interact socially with Instagram influencers in the home improvement sector. 

Ryan Thomas, a veteran social media strategist, says on Instagram, you can gain inspiration from other businesses and implement social media best practices, including when to upload, what type of content to post, how to engage with clients online, and how to establish a brand reputation. 

This will surely help your marketing strategy succeed.

“Establish a business page on Instagram. Make a schedule for how often you want to post and what kind of stuff you want to share. Upload all of your important stuff, including blog pieces, suggestions, and photographs of your workplace culture,” he added. 

Rebecca Grewcock