Finding The Perfect Solution


GEL Studios, a creative agency based in Swindon, is doing things differently and with great success! Recently, we caught up with Managing Director, Graeme Leighfield to find out more about the firm and its award-winning innovative approach.

As a creative agency, GEL Studios role is to help its clients’ businesses (typically SME’ with a B2B focus) tell their story through its unique web design, graphic design and branding services. With each solution studiously crafted by the dedicated team until perfection is reached, complete customer satisfaction is guaranteed.

“From day one, GEL Studios has been about helping people,” says Graeme Leighfield, Managing Director of the agency. “We believe in everything we do, and the difference it makes. We’re passionate; living and breathing what we do, caring to our core about how we do it.”

Described by colleagues as a ‘true visionary’, it is clear that Graeme has built more than just another marketing agency – he has created an environment where dreams are realised and where creative boundaries have no limit; a place where his dedicated team can feel at home and where they genuinely love to spend time.

The company’s stellar reputation for producing award-winning high quality work that makes a genuine difference and gets results may seem like the obvious USP to differentiate GEL Studios from competitors, but Graeme explains that there is so much more to it than this.

“We believe it’s our approach that sets us apart. That approach involves no corner cutting or ‘winging it’, and it’s served us time and time again. But the core to that approach is collaborating with our clients.”

Taking the time to get to know a client is imperative at GEL Studios. By doing this, the agency can provide a truly bespoke solution and bring the vision to life.

“The relationships and trust we build with our clients is the most important part and is ultimately the backbone of our success. It’s led to many, many on-going relationships and recommendations for new business.”

As approachable, honest and ethical as they are, the team at GEL Studios is also ambitious and united in the belief that they can find the perfect solution together.

“We wouldn’t be where we are today without the team. When you put us all together, the outcome is something of very high quality.”

The internal culture is fun-loving, friendly and the office has what Graeme calls “good vibes.” Each team member has a dedicated role in their area of expertise, ensuring that clients get exactly what they need at the right time.

Despite the overall success of the firm, it hasn’t always come easily and there have been many challenges that GEL Studios has faced. One of the biggest issues was overcoming the stereotype that most creative agencies get tarred with – this being, one that takes on work for the sake of it and churning it out regardless.

“We want to make sure that our clients are a right fit for us, but equally, that we are a right fit for them. Throughout the years, we have worked hard to build our reputation as a reliable agency that produces quality. As such, our on-going relationships, testimonials and recommendations are a testament to that.”