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Posted 7th April 2021

High-Ranking Solutions

SciChart Ltd designs, develops and sells the world’s fastest, most flexible, cross-platform 2D/3D Chart components as a software development kit. Recently, we caught up with Andrew Burnett-Thompson who enlightened us about the firm, its mission and offerings.

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high-ranking solutions.

High-Ranking Solutions

SciChart Ltd designs, develops and sells the world’s fastest, most flexible, cross-platform 2D/3D Chart components as a software development kit. Recently, we caught up with Andrew Burnett-Thompson who enlightened us about the firm, its mission and offerings.

Since inception, SciChart has been providing the only viable solutions for adding 2D/3D charting to mission-critical scientific, medical & financial applications. Going into further detail abut the solutions and its users, Andrew begins by explaining about how the firm’s customers implement SciChart’s SDKs into their work.

“At SciChart, our customers integrate our SDKs into their apps and services where they want to add high performance or feature-rich charts, graphs and data visualisations to their applications or products.”

Speed of charts and complex data-visualisations are important for mission-critical applications otherwise applications ranging from race-tuning in Formula One, to helicopter management in Aerospace & Defence to Financial analysis applications, to cutting-edge Medical-imaging solutions, to next-generation medical devices and healthcare applications, would simply not be possible.

“We make ‘Impossible Projects Possible’ with our incredibly fast & feature rich 2D/3D charting software. For example, the amount of telemetry data in IoT is huge and only growing. Asset health management is an important field: high value assets such as an oil well or mining operation need to continue to run efficiently. Visualising the data in these fields, which is often massive datasets (billions of data-points) is a technical challenge, and one that we have delivered, allowing a human operator to review the data and get an analytical impression. When there is vast amounts of data, human insight, made possible through high-performance data-visualisation is extremely valuable and relevant.”

The firm’s founding mission is to create the world’s fastest 2D & 3D charting and data-visualisation components, to enable a next-generation of scientific, medical and financial applications.

“Our desire is to become the defacto engine for charting and data-visualisation in scientific/construction/medical/financial & engineering industries in the same way that Unity is for gaming, or Tableau is for business.”

SciChart is currently used by customers in more than 80 countries and across sectors (cross-vertical). One of its unique selling points is performance and it is this which sets it apart from competitors within the industry. The other is that it treats the customer as number one and aims to provide the best software and user experience.

“We have cutting-edge graphics technology similar to game-engine technology which we have built in-house using cross-platform languages and applied to business data-visualisation software,” Andrew states. “This enables us to create faster, more rich and visually appealing charts, graphs and data-visualisations than our competitors.

“Our software is rated number one by users for speed (performance), with several orders of magnitude faster performance than competitors and allowing billions of data-points to be plotted in applications.

“We are rated number one for flexibility, features, ease-of-use and we have a 5* rating for technical support and a 98% approval rating from reviewers as a business. We enable our customers to white-label our charting software in their applications which then become their products.”

Internal culture at SciChart is of utmost importance and the firm has a culture of excellence, as Andrew is keen to highlight.

“Ultimately, our staff create our products, so they play a very important role in the success of our firm. We are a fully-remote company, with staff around Europe and working online and together to achieve our goals. We treat our staff with respect, and have a flexible approach to working in working hours, days and holidays.

“Typically, we go through trusted agencies or partners to recruit. We look for software developers with extensive experience in cross-platform graphics (or a desire to learn), and staff who are committed to long-term work to create products which are rated as the best.”

Overall, SciChart is a fully bootstrapped start-up with no investment, debt or shareholder loans. The company has been grown organically and has been profitable with growth in revenue each and every year since inception.

“The major challenge for us has been to overcome competitors and grow when we did not have the financial resources of some of our competitors. In order to do this, we had to be extremely creative and go the extra mile in our work, delivering excellence not only in software, but also efficiency.

“With regards to the future, we plan to expand our product offerings and have plans for aggressive growth in 2021 and beyond.”

For further information, please contact Andrew Burnett-Thompson at www.scichart.com

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