How Can CPD Accredited Courses Benefit Businesses?

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CPD stands for ‘Continuing Professional Development’ and in a professional context, this means being able to continuously maintain the knowledge and skills that are required to perform in a certain job field.

There are many ways how someone can upskill themselves and one of those methods can be through CPD Standards’ accredited courses. These courses help employees reach their potential by ensuring that their training is tailored to their field and of the highest possible standard.

For those new to CPD, this article dives a bit deeper into the key benefits of investing in CPD for your organization.


CPD Helps Employees Keep Their Knowledge Up-to-date

Although every employee or worker has certain skills and expertise, they can sometimes feel scared or anxious in a job because they might believe that they do not have the necessary skills, knowledge or ability to progress further in their career.

CPD accredited training courses spread awareness among all staff members to obtain new knowledge and keep their knowledge and skills up-to-date.

These courses have been verified by third parties so the professionalism and validity of these courses is guaranteed, which provides reassurance to the person who takes the course that their time and energy investment is worth it. This is a far cry from the growing number of  online course scams in the training space that modern career persons need to look out for.


CPD Can Help Reduce High Employee Turnover Rates

CPD standard accredited training courses can help employees keep their interest in their roles by giving them a benefit that they may not have been offered in previous or potential future roles.

Unmotivated employees are a major time, energy and financial drain on businesses. Investing in CPD accredited training courses shows that a company really values their employees and wants them to succeed. If an employee is shown that they are valued, it will drive them to be a success within their industry and be committed to their job role. Staff potential will be enhanced as too will overall staff morale and CPD accreditation can provide a great benchmark for appraisals between the employer and employee about discussing how well things are progressing.

During these appraisals, employees can then happily showcase the skills and knowledge that they have learned, thus improving their confidence and satisfaction within their job. 


CPD Encourages Flexible Learning

Making sure all the employees get their training simultaneously is impossible while they have different schedules and client deadlines to meet. CPD accredited training courses have flexible hours that allow employees to get their training on their own schedule, and at their own convenience.d This minimises disruption to their work, which is a key concern when employees are asked to undergo training.



The need for continuing professional development is increasing as university degrees are no longer a differentiating factor in today’s competitive job market. CPD accredited courses can greatly improve an individual’s CV and provide them with the tools they need for career progression.

For employers, becoming CPD accredited provides a real sense of credibility to communicate to employees. It shows employees that they are being valued which can help reduce employee turnover rate and help establish an employee’s long-term commitment to staying at the company to progress through the ranks. CPD accreditation ensures that an organisation’s training courses have been verified to be of a professional standard which can enable them to maintain a competitive advantage over their rivals.