How SMEs Can Attract And Retain Staff In Today’s Competitive Market

Retain Staff In Today’s Competitive Market

With many industries facing costly skills shortages and companies increasingly struggling to attract and retain the talent they need to grow and prosper, now more than ever it’s vital that SMEs reconsider their approach to HR.

In this article, we explore some of the ways that small and medium sized businesses can really enhance their hiring and talent retention processes, so that they are able to keep the best staff in their sector and use them to provide a great service to their customers.

Define What You’re Looking For
When you first try to find new staff members, you need to know exactly what you’re looking for. Make a list of all of the tasks you need your new team member to undertake and the skills they’ll need, as well as any additional knowledge and qualifications that might be beneficial. Use this informal list as the basis for your job specification and the advert you make for the role.

Work With A Specialist Recruitment Agency
Having established what you want from your new employee, you need to share your job specification. It is possible to do this yourself, but most SMEs looking for skilled staff, particularly those in a niche market, will want to work with a recruitment agency to find the perfect new team member.

Consider Personality As Well As Skillset
Choosing candidates from a large number of applications can be challenging, so try to not only look at their CVs and skillsets, but also their personality. You need someone who’s going to fit in well with your team and become an asset to your business, not a liability. Host several interviews so that you can see what candidates are like and read references to learn more about the way candidates operate in work situations.

Offer Perks
Once you’ve found the perfect team members, you need to make sure that they stay with your organisation and provide it with many years of loyal service. Depending on their role and seniority you could give them a small perk, such as a bonus or food-based incentive, or you could consider getting them a larger perk, such as a company car. Fashionable vehicles like the Range Rover Sport are popular with drivers currently, and they also have enough space for everything your employee needs to carry around with them. If the cost of buying a car is too high, consider exploring the latest Range Rover Sport leasing deals as these are often a much more cost effective option.

Host Performance Reviews
Staff need goals and targets to work towards, as well as regular one-to-one meetings with senior team members so that they can see how well they’re progressing. If they don’t receive regular support and guidance, then employees will become disinterested and demotivated. Annual performance reviews will allow you to set and check goals, as well as catch up on how well your team members are doing in their respective roles.

It can be hard for any business to hire and retain staff, particularly if they need skilled team members to drive their business forward. Use this article as a guide to help you cultivate a workforce and internal culture that will benefit your organisation for years to come.

Patrick Doherty