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Posted 25th June 2019

How SMEs can take note of Apple’s unrivalled presentations

Apple’s keynote presentations are usually a complete spectacle, filled with incredible new products, updated software for current devices and gentle reminders of how far ahead of their competition they really are.

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how smes can take note of apple’s unrivalled presentations.

How SMEs can take note of Apple’s unrivalled presentations

Apple’s keynote presentations are usually a complete spectacle, filled with incredible new products, updated software for current devices and gentle reminders of how far ahead of their competition they really are.

From their most famous and game-changing presentation of the first iPhone in 2007 to present day, Apple have continued to deliver slick and impressive announcements, expertly communicating with their audience. Following on from Steve Jobs’ legacy, Tim Cook has maintained the brilliant presentations that Apple proudly create.

For many SMEs Apple is a source of inspiration, as they hope for their own products and services to have an equally iconic effect on consumers. Whilst admiring their incomparable success, we often question what exactly makes Apple stand out so much? The answer’s simple; behind the excitement of new products lie keynote presentations that are expertly delivered year on year.

The team at Abraxas photography and cinematography have outlined the essential ingredients to any successful keynote presentation, helping flourishing SMEs to hone their own approach… Mirroring Apple’s success needn’t just be a dream.


It’s very rare to see Apple divert from their simplistic black and white keynote approach. Sleek transitions and sound effects are the least of their concerns as they believe that the cleaner the presentation, the better.

The art of presenting has seen a big shift in the format of slides; before, we were used to seeing information-heavy diagrams with images crammed together. The idea was that consumers could take notes, word for word, whilst the speaker mimicked the text shown.

However, Apple take a completely different approach, allowing the products to speak for themselves. We as an audience are more interested in what the product looks like and how it functions, rather than reading off how many pixels it has. Incorporating less text allows Cook and Apple’s other talented speakers’ to explain things clearly, telling us exactly what we want to hear.

Apple have also maintained this minimalistic approach with consistent, black backgrounds. Whilst their products and videos are of the highest complexity, their slides couldn’t be more basic, but this is a good thing! You want to keep all presentations simple and clean to avoid unnecessary confusion.

Practice makes perfect.

It goes without saying that you need to know your brand, business model and product/service inside out. Whether you’re pitching to investors or taking a call from an interested client, you must practice your presentation. Perfecting your message is essential and it’s this that Apple seamlessly accomplish every year.

Presenting a keynote presentation with a variety of speakers, video launches and demos is difficult to do with few mistakes. Despite this intensity, Apple continue to deliver seemingly effortless, slick presentations each year. This continuity isn’t down to luck; their business knowledge is impeccable, meaning they’re always on top of their game.

The transition between different speakers is one that Apple also do exceedingly well. They want to make sure their audience aren’t sat listening to the same voice for 2 hours, so introducing a range of characters with different specialties mixes up the presentation, keeping everyone on their toes.

If you’re a business who often deliver presentations with just one speaker, consider incorporating another voice – this will take the weight off of your shoulders whilst allowing for more creativity.


Probably the most aesthetically pleasing part of any Apple presentation; the cinematography. Apple go that extra mile when showing clips of a new product with admirable attention to detail. Their super slow-motion b-roll and overall approach to creating a stunning video leaves everyone breathless.

Every year Apple get better and better at delivering keynote presentations, for they’ve created a unique, effective technique that continues to become a phenomenon. The team at Abraxas believe that creating a professional video is essential; from the use of state-of-the-art equipment, such as high-end cameras and drones, to faultless editing, it’s important that you capture a product with careful consideration.

Visual arts.

If your business is one that sells a product, you need to think about the balance of visual and verbal communication. Consumers are heavily invested in the look of a new product, so it’s important that you give this the attention it deserves. Balance this with subtle verbal details and your presentation will flow smoothly.

Meanwhile, the speed in which a presentation is shown is vital to its success. It’s very easy to talk and move on too quickly, with your audience absorbing very little detail. Apple are able to pick and choose the items that will need more attention; skills based on years and years of practice and knowing your audience, something Abraxas believes is the key to their success.


For more information on cinematography experts Abraxas, please visit: https://www.abraxascommercial.co.uk

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