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Posted 15th December 2020

How SMS Can Help Your Business Marketing

Through utilizing text messaging technology and solutions to your business, you can further enhance communication with your customers in a deeper and more personal level. Online advertisements tend to be directed to a large audience, but text message business solutions rely on the behavior and preferences of the consumer when sending personalized text messages.

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how sms can help your business marketing.

How SMS Can Help Your Business Marketing

When people hear about SMS, they typically associate it with individual, personal use since SMS are really meant for person-to-person communication. Whenever an individual wants to send an instant or emergency message to someone, SMS can be more effective particularly if your recipient doesn’t have 24/7 internet access. However, this old technology is becoming new again because of its numerous possibilities for business marketing efforts. 

Through utilizing text messaging technology and solutions to your business, you can further enhance communication with your customers in a deeper and more personal level. Online advertisements tend to be directed to a large audience, but text message business solutions rely on the behavior and preferences of the consumer when sending personalized text messages. 


Applications of SMS Marketing To Your Business

SMS marketing can be applied to numerous aspects of a business, concentrating on marketing campaigns. The most common SMS application that a business can do is through sending offers and rewards to both potential and existing customers. However, you can also utilize text messaging to boost your marketing efforts in other channels and platforms.

Compared to regular short message services, utilizing SMS in business requires additional configurations. If you’re going to text thousands of customers in a day, it will require you a lot of time to send the message to each recipient and buy a mobile data plan for each smartphone used, which aren’t in any way convenient and efficient for your company.

Therefore, you can take advantage of a mass text app that can send multiple text messages to a large number of people at once. Thanks to this platform, you can easily customize your content and experience, which is a lot better than typical SMS. Application as such contain reliable features that every business will surely benefit from:

• Scheduled texts
• Keywords
Custom fields
MMS messaging
Dynamic lists and segments
Quick contact list building
Analytics and link tracking

With the availability of SMS as a service for businesses today, it’s worth considering to incorporate it into your business. But before that, you’ll have to find reliable service providers for your business that can satisfy your SMS marketing needs. Companies like Drop Cowboy not only offer a text messaging service for businesses, but also offer ringless voicemail systems for a non-intrusive way of sending your pre-recorded voicemails to prospects. 

In what exact ways can SMS help your business today? In this article, you’ll be exploring the many benefits of using SMS into your marketing operations, as well as how they contribute to your overall business outcomes: 

1. Quick, Straightforward, Effective, and Reliable

SMS as a business service possess those qualities mentioned which couldn’t be a better match for your business. As emphasized earlier, SMS marketing allows organizations to reach a bucketful of potential customers simultaneously with a few clicks. Typically, your text message can only reach 160 characters, encouraging you to write a clear and concise message that the recipient will easily understand. 

Since people rarely spend their day without phones, sending a message where only cellular signal is required, will make the delivery more effective. 

2. Enhance Communication With Leads

Communication is a key element of successful marketing campaigns. Thanks to call-to-action (CTA) buttons that you can incorporate into your messages, you can establish better communication with potential clients through playing with these options and features. Basically, CTAs are buttons, images, or any type of clickable item that leads a customer towards an action within your business.

For instance, if you’re inviting a lead to join your giveaway, you can add the link directed to the giveaway post to increase their chances of joining. If you just simply put the text, they might become uninterested to join anymore since they’ll have to find your post first. Incorporating CTAs are extremely advantageous for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to create effective customer communication. 

3. Integrate Seamlessly With Other Campaigns

Marketing works best with different plans and efforts. While using SMS marketing, you might also be using other forms of marketing campaigns to make the most out of the time and resources you have. Fortunately, you can incorporate SMS marketing into your other marketing campaigns seamlessly, which will help boost your marketing efforts even further. 

The best way to integrate your SMS marketing to other types of marketing strategies, say telemarketing and social media marketing, is to promote across these platforms. For example, you can give exclusive offers and discounts to those who will become a text subscriber through posting it on your business social media account. Social media users who will see this post can follow your instructions to bag their rewards.

In the long run, you can design better marketing plans through monitoring the activity, traffic, and sales generated in each marketing campaign, and choose the most effective one to focus on the future. 

4. Better Open and View Rate Than Emails

Prospects are more likely to receive and read your text message than emails, with an open rate of 98%. This means it is accounting to one of the highest open rates among various promotional materials. With a sound or vibrate of one’s phone, they can immediately recognize a text message. Since it’s in human’s nature to check text messages for emergencies, your text messages can easily get through their inbox. 

With emails, you’re not always certain that it will be sent to a lead’s main inbox, as some weaker emails directly go to spam. Therefore, this will lessen the possibility of being recognized by a potential customer, particularly if the individual deletes his or her spam folder.

The Future of SMS Marketing In The Business Industry

As a veteran in technology, people assumed that SMS is the most outdated technology today that wouldn’t fit for use in these modern times. However, it’s the other way around. SMS technology has a bright future ahead of it. As time passes, SMS marketing for businesses will become more personalized, intuitive, innovative, and flexible, where more and more businesses will jump into and utilize as one of their major marketing channels.


Because of the early existence of SMS, many entrepreneurs thought that it’s time to say goodbye to this technology and move forward with updated technology. However, if you try to evaluate how SMS can be applied today, it’s still highly relevant to businesses. Therefore, consider incorporating SMS marketing into your venture today and enjoy the benefits that they offer.

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