How to source high-quality candidates for a new role

How to source high-quality candidates for a new role

To ensure your business remains at the forefront of the industry, it is important that the best possible candidates are selected for the job at hand. Businesses are choosing to prioritise effective recruitment strategies in order to attract the top talent available and thrive in an increasingly crowded market. But as the hiring process becomes more complicated and oversaturated than ever before, it is now more important than ever that it is done correctly and in a way that reflects the size and goals of the business.

Know what you want

The recruitment process can be tiring and time-consuming at the best of times, so it can be beneficial to the employer as well as any potential candidates if the job description is as clear and concise as it possibly can be. Wordy job requirements may attract a large number of applicants but this only causes delays in the selection process as more applications must be reviewed and ultimately rejected. Clear communication from the outset also ensures that the candidate knows what is expected of them and vice versa.

Recruitment agencies Cardiff based and UK wide can cut out the middleman and source applicants that are not only highly qualified but will also enhance your current talent pool and add value to your company in the long run. With recruitment agencies in Cardiff and the wider UK scouring the market for candidates best suited to each vacancy, it is becoming an increasingly popular choice for independent businesses and corporations alike.

Use the right method

Before you embark on the hiring process, several factors must be considered to assess which method is best suited to your business. If you are an engineering or manufacturing firm, for example, a recruitment agency that specialises in these sectors is likely to source the ideal candidate in less time and at less cost than if you were to tackle it internally. With 52% of job applicants underqualified and 47% of companies failing to fill roles, it may be worth seeking the expertise of an agency to ensure you are only sourcing qualified and suitable candidates.

Utilise social media

In today’s digital landscape, it is more important than ever that a brand maintains a social presence. By advertising on a specific platform – by the business itself or via an external agency – you can reach the right candidate in a fraction of the time and have access to a database of millions of potential employees. LinkedIn and Facebook, for example, can often double as digital job boards and with the number of social media platforms available for personal as well as professional use growing at an alarming rate, this method is likely to become commonplace in the not-so-distant future. By taking a business-oriented approach to social media, companies can also expand their reach and get noticed by those perhaps not included in their intended target audience.

With so many high-quality candidates out there and in such high demand, it is increasingly important that businesses know how and where to find them.

Patrick Doherty