International Travel and Healthcare Limited Wins Most Innovative Travel Insurance Provider Award 2019


Travel insurance is absolutely imperative when travelling, whether domestically, or across the world. International Travel and Healthcare Limited, a specialist travel insurance provider, ensures that holidaymakers and travellers can go about their business with total peace of mind, knowing that they are fully financially protected, no matter what. Discover what has made them into one of 2019’s most innovative travel insurance providers as we profile the firm.

For many people, there can be a number of stumbling blocks to finding the right travel insurance cover. Whether it is due to pre-existing medical conditions, or travelling on a high-value holiday, some travellers can find it increasingly hard to buy adequate travel insurance. Enter ITHC, a hugely innovative and comprehensive travel insurer that has proven it is possible to provide travel insurance that covers exactly what a traveller requires. No matter the circumstances that may have gone before and prevented travellers from securing the right insurance, this firm operate a bespoke approach with the flexibility to tailor travel insurance to an individual’s needs.

Since the firm’s foundation in 2005, ITHC’s mission has remained unequivocally clear; to deliver excellence for those in search of travel insurance. The desire to deliver nothing short of comprehensive cover underpins and supports everything the firm do, and it has never been more necessary than it is right now. Nationally and internationally, we seen recent airline and tour operator failures, weather disasters, terrorism, strikes, riots, and a lot of civil unrest. All of this and more has affected the ability for people to travel, either directly or indirectly.

In the years since the firm’s inception, the travel insurance market has drastically evolved. The needs and requirements of travellers have been shaped and moulded by ever-changing economic and political landscapes. As a result, ITHC has developed a range of travel insurance products that are inclusive solutions for travellers with specific requirements, for whom travelling has become even harder. Just a handful of the firm’s coverage options include long cancellation periods, long travel durations, unlimited medical expenses and repatriation, and cover for travelling companions. Ultimately, the firm’s solutions are for those who don’t want to trust luck.

As well as the myriad of coverage options that the firm already offer, ITHC are always pro-active in their careful monitoring of any new factors that could hinder a potential traveller. Where the firm identify a factor that may cause a potential gap in its own offerings, the team work hard to introduce that factor as a benefit into the coverage. Before it is then offered to the public, the new offering is trialled and tested rigorously, ensuring that the performance is nothing less than what the client deserves.

One excellent example of this can be found in the firm’s recent introduction of Safe Journey Terrorism Travel Insurance. Aside from ITHC, no other travel insurance firm had so comprehensively offered cover to travellers in the event of terrorism, which may not directly impact a traveller, but could definitely indirectly affect flights or other travel related factors. Travellers can change their mind in travelling, and claim for cancellation should terrorism affect them and their plans.

2019 has seen ITHC deliver a consistently strong growth performance, with the firm’s services now being more widely-recognised from both the consumer and corporate markets. As well as delivering for travellers and consumers, the firm also supports insurance brokers too, whose own travel insurance schemes cannot offer cover in diverse circumstances. ITHC have become not just a trusted and respect consumer champion, but the broker’s choice for brokerage as well.

The world is becoming increasingly accessible for many people, but the consequences of that include the fact that travellers now have more varied and challenging exposure to a wider variety of risks. Comprehensive travel insurance now has to pre-empt the risks and fill the gaps. ITHC continues to improve its coverage and service to financially protect travellers, no matter where in the world they are venturing to.