Greater London Enterprise Awards 2017

SME NEWS / Greater London Enterprise Awards 2017 13 , Nextek is an independent consultancy who provide solutions to the challenges of the plastic recycling and resource management throughout the supply chain for all applications. We profile the firmas we further explore the secrets behind its success. Best Plastic Recycling Consultancy 2017 Nextek deliver tailored sustainable solutions for business. Offering a variety of services the firm deals with Polymer Recycling technology, Biopolymers and in strategy and business development. Regarding the services that Nextek offers in Polymer recycling technology, the company works directly with leading equipment suppliers in the waste and recycling industry. It designs and trials new facilities and conducts process evaluations, which optimise performance in existing plants, mostly for clients in packaging, automotive, E-ware, textiles and energy recovery. Providing design and material selection options, Nextek also gives advice and interpretations of performance definitions and industry standard, all of which better inform the industry and its consumers about sustainable end of life options and use of renewable and biodegradable materials. Staff boast a wealth of expertise in the industry and customer service, therefore the company is able to provide expertise, understanding and solutions for complex waste challenges. The company works closely with clients to design products for sustainability, recyclability and improved resource efficiency to deliver effective business strategies. Furthermore, thanks to the extensive knowledge which the firm’s employees possess, the customer service delivered by Nextek is exceptional. The team are able to answer any questions put to them, as CEO, Edward Kosior ensures that his staff are well equipped to provide the best possible service. LON17017 Looking ahead, there is a lot of excitement for the future of Nextek. Relying on its exceptional and outstanding product development, client service and general knowhow, the firm is well placed to build on its continuous success as it works hard in its quest to become the leader in the industry. Contact: Edward Kosior Contact Email: Address: Level 2, 1 Kensington Gore, London, BA1 2UG, UK Phone: 07981 277 561 Website: