Greater London Enterprise Awards 2017

14 SME NEWS / Greater London Enterprise Awards 2017 , Richmond Laundries is based in Central London and has been serving the hospitalitymarket in Greater London and the neighbouring Home Counties fromone location in Camden for over 25 years. We spoke to the teamat the company, as we further explore the secrets behind its success. Best Laundry Service Provider 2017 Since 1992, Richmond Laundries has been the ‘Linen Laundry’ of choice for many of London’s most illustrious award winning Restaurants, Hotels, Luxury Serviced Apartments, Bars, Casino groups and sporting venues. This can be attributed to staff having the passion, dedication, commitment and expertise to manage one our clients most critical supply assets. The team detail what they believe to be the major attributes which contribute to the company’s success. “Here at Richmond Laundries, over 90% of the company’s clients are within the Greater London area, which means that we are able to offer clients a reliable and efficient service, 365 days a year. Employees are our competitive edge in the marketplace. We need the right people in the right jobs across our company. Richmond Laundries employs over 35 dedicated members of staff. Full on the job training is provided to successful candidates when hired, and ongoing supervision and mentoring is part of a daily role for our experienced floor supervisors and managers.” Discussing its rapid rise, the team highlight how much effort goes into providing the best service possible. A family run company, issues are always dealt with as soon as possible and in the best possible manner, as the staff provide the highest standard of quality service. “Richmond Laundries has grown year on year through our limitless effort on service and quality. These are the bases of everything we do here at Richmond Laundries. The family run company have many dedicated family members working in different parts of the business, Hence, we are never far away from any issues, if on the rare occasion, they occur.” Other factors of the Laundries’ success include how the team always seem to meet and exceed customer expectations. Creating long term relationships with staff and customers is a key vision of the company and it is clear that the team believe in the mission of making the company an industry leader nationwide, ensuring it always puts the customer first. “Quality is the main ingredient that has determined our companies’ success right from its inception. Meeting and exceeding customer expectations is fabricated into everything we do here at Richmond Laundries. One of our main goals is to create long term relationships with all our staff, customers and suppliers; and Quality is one main factor of LON17018 fulfilling that objective. Our board of Directors, constantly liaise with the factory floor managers and logistics supervisor to regularly monitor and evaluate KPI’s and ensuring that these indicators are met 100% of the time, with full efficiency and integrity. “Importantly, we have quality control inspector’s daily monitor all the washing processes the linen; chef whites and kitchen items go through and report to the factory floor manager for any issues which may rise during processing. All these checks are then evaluated by the office admin staffs that are trained to tally up findings and file reports on a monthly basis. This helps us to control quality and efficiency within our processing and allows us to eradicate any possible deficiencies before it takes delivery to your premises.” Ensuring Richmond Laundries stays ahead of developments within the industry, the team note that it is continually investing in all aspects of the business, ranging from its people to its machines, and this helps motivate staff to work harder. Its investment strategy includes modernising the whole business, something which is starting to show in the business’ ongoing success. “Fundamentally, we are continually investing in our facilities, machinery and vehicles to ensure our equipment is up to date and performing efficiently, using the best available technologies and operating to the highest environmental standards. Richmond Laundries has constantly invested in its people and inventory to maximise our efforts in achieving the company goals and vision. Having ended the last decade on a positive growth trajectory, Richmond Laundries has embarked on an investment strategy to modernize our industrial assets and boost our production capacity to meet the growing demand that our services have been attracting in the recent years. “As we build out our footprint, we are in the process of optimizing our capital expenditures by standardizing our operations and creating uniform structural templates for our new facilities in Central London.” Looking to be the most advanced, forward thinking and reliable linen and laundry supplier in the UK is the ultimate aim for the company. The team highlight how seriously its values are taken and ingrained into all staff when they become employed within the business. “Ultimately, here at Richmond Laundries, we take our values very seriously, and this is the key factor that is embedded in