Greater London Enterprise Awards 2017

SME NEWS / Greater London Enterprise Awards 2017 19 , Dyer-Grimes Architecture (DGA) is an award-winning London architectural and interior design practice, with offices on the banks of the Thames in Putney. John Dyer-Grimes provides us with a breakdown of the firm’s services, highlighting the company’s success and ambition. Best Luxury Interior Design Boutique 2017 Offering an innovative take on a traditional practice, DGA do not design offices, skyscrapers, bridges and other large-scale structures, but concentrate instead on turning ordinary places into amazing homes, something the firm excels at. John talks us through the firm’s design philosophy, noting how staff work to serve the client, helping them to achieve their dreams. “Here at DGA, our design philosophy puts the dreams and aspirations of the client at the very heart of our business. We call it ‘Design from the Inside Out’, because the starting point for all our work is flesh and blood not bricks and mortar. We spend time with our clients listening, so we can understand their vision and translate it into beautiful, yet practical spaces.” Unlike other interior design companies, clients love the fact that DGA combines its architectural services with staff’s interior design skills. The clients do not want to deal with two separate designers, they want their architect and interior designer to sit next to each other and brainstorm ideas and solve problems as a team, after all they are inextricably linked. John comments on why being based in the Greater London area is beneficial to the company. “Vital to our success is our location in Greater London, we have clients from all over the UK and the World who want fabulous homes and see London as a safe haven, with beautiful houses and they recognise its reputation as a centre of Interior design excellence.” Providing a variety of services, John talks about the expertise and experience that the employees possess, and how this helps them implement stringent processes and structures which contribute to the success of the company. The firm’s personal relationships are another aspect which are key to DGA’s achievements. “Being a versatile firm, we offer all the services clients need to create a new home, including architectural design, planning consultancy and development, sourcing and managing suppliers, construction project management and a comprehensive interior design service across the Greater London area. After 20 years in the business and 500 projects in our portfolio we have an expert team for gaining planning permission and understanding the challenges of extending or converting an existing building whether modern or traditional. Or designing a new home from scratch. We are accredited Conservation Architects adept at using traditional skills and materials in listed buildings, but equally enthused with the latest in contemporary design technologies. “At the heart of our success is an ability to work with people, LON17034 whether with clients, consultants or contractors. We are also consummate negotiators and boast a remarkable success rate with local planning departments.” DGA are a tight team of architects and Interior designers who work together on every project. Dissimilar to other firms, every member of staff ensures that they all understand the project, and are available for every individual it works with. Wherever clients are based, DGA’s architects and designers are available for them round the clock, from the beginning of a project to its completion and beyond. John talks about the current trends within Greater London, citing a rise in basements being built. “One of the key trends we are seeing in London when designing homes for our clients is the increase in the number of basements being built. With stamp duty prohibitively expensive homeowners are choosing not to move but are extending their homes. With planning permission getting more difficult sometimes the only answer is to excavate a basement and Estate agents are finally realising the full value of a well-designed basement. However, it is crucial that you get the fundamentals of the design and layout right. It has to start with the quality of the Interior space with tall floor to ceiling heights with daylight and sunlight flooding in and access to outdoor space. To achieve this, you have to understand all of the more technical and structural aspects and work with fantastic Structural engineers and contractors.” Overall, DGA is consistently building its reputation within Greater London and around the world, thus, through word of mouth, there is likely to be a lot more business coming its way. Capitalising on this success is something John is looking to do, as he looks to work with new clients across the globe. “Looking to the future, as our reputation is spreading, we plan to organically grow DGA by working with the most talented designers from around the world to produce stunning homes for our clients. “Ultimately, we have a set of guiding principles that shape the way we do business at Dyer Grimes and we are proud of our reputation in Greater London. Our work must be aesthetically remarkable and be designed to the highest standards of craftsmanship. Our clients must derive true value from our work, whether that is emotional satisfaction or an increase in the financial value of their property.” Company: Dyer-Grimes Architecture Contact: John Dyer-Grimes Contact Email: Address: Studio 2, Three Eastfields Avenue, Riverside Quarter, London, SW18 1GN Phone: +4420 8874 0551 Website: