Greater London Enterprise Awards 2017

20 SME NEWS / Greater London Enterprise Awards 2017 , Park Communications offers award winning printing services designed tomeet the needs of its valued clients. We invited Chief Executive HeathMason to tell us more about the firm. Award for Innovation in Printing Services 2017 - London Founded in 1991, Park Communications is a London based award winning multi- channelled print production company working for businesses that require the highest standards of product and service. Heath is eager to discuss the firm’s services in more detail and explain the process the company undertakes to ensure excellence for its clients. “At Park Communications, our work includes top FTSE Annual Reports, auction catalogues for global auction houses, books for London’s most prestigious property developments, independent magazines for the UK, US and Australia, security sensitive reports, investment banking and financial analysts’ reports, marketing pieces and Large Format display pieces for exhibitions, museums and conferences.” “Fundamentally, while the finished product is hugely important, it is often for our customer service and project management that we are most highly praised. We know that there is ‘always a cheaper printer’; the market is very competitive. As such, we work as a team to deliver a service that is recognisably better than that delivered by others. It starts with the advice we give about specifications and about how to reduce costs while maintaining standards, it continues with meticulous care in what we are doing during manufacture, and finishes with detailed planning on packaging and distribution issues.” What sets Park Communications apart from its competitors and marks it out as the best possible option for its clients is says Heath, consistently high quality, delivered quickly, with excellent customer service. “Built on the foundations of quality service, technology and consultative thinking, Park for many is now the preeminent printer in London. We aim to exceed our customers’ expectations with our flexible approach and commitment to prompt project delivery.” “Speed is delivered firstly by a flexible attitude of mind, and a passion among the 130 staff, and then by the best most advanced technology working 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. Confidentiality is part of our culture, supported by 37 cameras recording to hard drive LON17038 and robust firewalls which have withstood repeated penetration testing. Reliability and project management are of course linked; proactive planning and a ‘no fail attitude’, and using well maintained modern kit. Get these things right with rigorous checking procedures certified to ISO standards, and you have consistently high quality products. Being in London, not far from Canary Wharf, means it all happens close to most of our customers, and deliveries are speedy – customers come to us to see the production in process, and work or play in a comfortable serviced office environment - convenience, in one word. Finally, we believe that our environment impact should always be minimal. We have been recognised for the past seven years as the printing company that has done most to be environmentally friendly.” “It helps of course to have the very best printing technology available and to have developed a very special screening technology, ‘Park XD Screening’. Many would say that this has moved us ahead of our competitors in achieving the highest standards of quality. It also helps that we have the financial strength, gained over many years of careful financial management, to keep investing in the latest printing technology, and in the best people.” Faced with a myriad of challenges over the coming months as the printing industry adapts to the technological changes that the market is undergoing, Park Communications continues to offer an innovative range of solutions to meet its clients’ evolving needs, as Heath concludes. “The printing industry continues to experience a drop in demand as many use the internet to present information. As a result, many printing firms have closed, and many linger on during their slow demise. Inevitably, this impacts margins, which in turn affect the industry’s abilities to reinvest in equipment that is necessary to meet the ever-increasing demands of customers. Park Communications has focused on markets that value the use of print, rather than electronic means, for getting across high value messages. While our London location is more expensive to maintain than those remote from the capital, the benefits of being close to our customers are significant. One of our challenges as a business is making this customer base aware that a firm