Greater London Enterprise Awards 2017

6 SME NEWS / Greater London Enterprise Awards 2017 , Fuel PR is a boutique communications agency, specialising in intelligent, high profile, compelling campaigns which deliver impact and success. We chatted to GillianWaddell to find out more about the services the company provides. Best PR & Communications Agency 2017 Offering a wide range of services, Fuel’s integrated communications offer includes creative collateral, digital, events, influencer and celebrity networks, market insights, media outreach, project management. The firm also possesses specialist expertise in offering regulatory counsel and support, project management, commercial activity including account management and issues and crisis management. Gillian tells us how the firm marks itself out as the best possible option for clients. “One of our key differentiators is that we are a boutique agency providing a personal touch, with the experience and knowledge of a big agency. Another factor is our actual skill set, we win a lot of awards for our work and this really serves to showcase our competence and success in our chosen areas.” Being based within Greater London can provide many benefits for companies, as Gillian explains before going on to comment on how the internal culture at the firm helps to ensure clients receive the best possible service. “There are huge benefits to working within Greater London – it is the epicentre of the UK, which is universally recognised as one of the most important global markets. Our proximity to information and influence is hugely beneficial and has significant cascading import for many other European and global markets. There are also knock financial benefits from living and working within the capital, and our customers benefit from these. “Fuel’s culture is shaped and driven by our watchwords of Power, Passion, Energy. We recruit to match these characteristics and we invest in ongoing training programmes to ensure our staff are exposed to LON17006 new learnings, challenges and training and to inspire and infuse them with our guiding principles: stick close to your customers, be imaginative and energetic, act quickly.” Looking ahead, Gillian predicts what the future will hold for Fuel, mentioning how it will adapt its services to meet customer requirements, which are always changing. “The future for us is very exciting. Our business has changed dramatically over the past 10 years to anticipate and meet changing customer requirements, with an example being how we now offer highly skilled regulatory and project management services. We have a strong international outlook and we welcome and respond well to change, offering us many exciting opportunities for even greater growth and success.” Company: Fuel PR International Contact: Gillian Waddell Contact Email: Address: Unit 9F Hewlett House, 5 Havelock Terrace, London, SW8 4AS, UK Phone: 0207 498 8211 Website: