Greater London Enterprise Awards 2017

SME NEWS / Greater London Enterprise Awards 2017 7 , Glenmore House is one of the foremost wedding and banqueting venues in the locality, consistentlymeeting and exceeding customer expectation. We chatted to theManaging Director, Robert Dobbie to find out more about the venue. Best Hospitality & Event Venue - South West London Glenmore House is an impressive building which is used for everything from christening to wakes, conferences, training rooms, and countless lunches and dinner dances, all serviced by a passionate team with a first class reputation for food and service. Robert gives us an overall view of the services provided at the facility and what guests can expect when they visit the venue. “The venue focuses on providing a Glenmore Experience; basically, this focuses on delighting customers by offering superlative food and service at sensible prices, with a sensible profit, at the same time dealing with our customers with integrity, honesty and fairness, ensuring at all times a great customer experience to strongly reflect the customer’s identity and wishes.” A lot of business in the wedding industry comes through word of mouth. If guests and clients are provided with a memorable occasion, they are more likely to recommend the facility to their friends. Robert briefly details the marketing strategy of the facility and how the venue attracts clients and satisfy their demands and requirements. “At Glenmore House, our marketing strategy relies much on the experience of our customers, (delete- as stated above) we do not advertise per se and yet we manage to attract a large market share of the weddings locally. This is due to the awesome velocity of guests who have enjoyed the Glenmore experience, and share this with others. We have a sense of community and family amongst the staff at Glenmore House, thus this truly reflects in engaging with our customers, as staff genuinely feel like hosts rather than employees.” LON17010 Fundamentally, it is important for the venue to stand out and differentiate itself from other wedding and banqueting venues. Developing and maintaining a positive relationship with suppliers ensures that the quality of the food is of the highest standard, with the venue able to offer excellent prices, as Robert concludes. “Ulitmately, what makes us different to other banqueting venues is that we have a brigade of highly trained, experienced Chefs using fresh not frozen food, and premium ingredients. The advantage that Glenmore House has is that we are nevertheless able to offer excellent pricing, as we are prepared to accept sensible profits as we do not have owners expecting to achieve significant profits, or shareholders baying for dividends.” Company: Glenmore House Contact: Robert Dobbie Contact Email: robert.dobbie@ Address: 6 The Crescent, Surbiton, Surrey, KT6 4BN, UK Phone: 0208 399 1415 Website: