N Ireland Business Awards 2017

10 SME NEWS / Northern Ireland Business Awards 2017 , Ground Kontrol is Northern Ireland’s leading Smart Home, Audio, CCTV, Alarm, Wi-Fi and broadband Solution provider. We spoke to Managing Director and Lead Engineer Raphael Scullion to learnmore about the solutions it offers and how it works to provide the very highest standard of service and solutions. Ground Kontrol Established in 2015, Ground Kontrol is a young, vibrant and innovative installation firm offering a vast array of services, as Raphael is keen to emphasise. “Here at Ground Kontrol, we are committed to bringing a fast, reliable, cost effective service, and we feel we have established a business that can resolve any sort of networking issue, big or small. Recently have completed jobs whereby we have completely fitted out businesses with everything, from networking and cameras to the supplement of laptops, mobiles and PC’s. Fundamentally, Ground Kontrol was also founded with a commitment to the people off the UK and Ireland to help deliver faster broadband to every home. This commitment has led to us launching our new product ‘Interwiz’, this innovative new product has led to us achieving superfast internet to over 100 rural homes with below speeds of 1mb.” Committed to client satisfaction, Ground Kontrol works hard to ensure excellence for them at all times. As such, Raphael explains the techniques the firm employees so that every customer has the very best possible experience when they work with his company. “At Ground Kontrol we use pioneering methods and state off the art technology to help you adapt to the ever-changing technological world around us, and we pride ourselves in achieving 100% customer satisfaction, as one off our long-term commitments we as a company pledge to bring better internet and broadband speeds to any home in the UK or Ireland. “To achieve true client satisfaction, we are committed to high quality CCTV and Home security, allowing you to feel safe and secure in your surroundings. Our team of award winning engineers have years of experience and have worked all over the world designing and fitting different smart home automation including lighting control, multi room audio and visual, smart home security, HDD CCTV, smart heating and thermal control, medical and assisted living, farming and equestrian and marine based smart technology.” It is the firm’s staff that are key to its success so far, as they work with clients to ensure that they receive a service that meets their needs, as Raphael highlights. “What differentiates Ground Kontrol from any other company in the industry is the depth of knowledge our engineers have and the lengths that our team will go to in order to achieve customer satisfaction. Our reviews say it all, in a survey conducted by our researchers we received 100% 5 star ratings with every reviewee rated our service as excellent.” Operating in the cybersecurity market, the company has a strong insight into the industry, both in Northern Ireland and internationally, which Raphael is happy to share with us. “Within the wider market, we are seeing a huge change in the way people are using technology, whether it be smart home technology or broadband solutions. The world is evolving and the people in Northern Ireland and especially in the mid-Ulster area are evolving with it. Gone are the days where Northern Ireland was looked at as a no go by businesses and tourists; today we are seeing large multinational companies starting to trade and use Ground Kontrol within Northern Ireland, we are also seeing large increases in small businesses using our services, these small business/sole traders are thriving in the bustling Northern Ireland market.” Moving forward, the firm is keen to build upon the phenomenal success it achieved so far, as Raphael is proud to conclude. “Overall, the future looks bright for Ground Kontrol, as we have some very exciting projects in store for 2018. We are due to launch our very own brand of smart technology, which we intend to start distributing within Northern Ireland in June of next year, and we are looking forward to showcasing this innovative range to our valued customers.” NIR17019

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