N Ireland Business Awards 2017

14 SME NEWS / Northern Ireland Business Awards 2017 , MCM Insurance Brokers is one of the largest independent Insurance Brokers in the UK. We spoke to David Nash as he explains what makes the company so successful. MCM Insurance Originally formed in 1977 in Manchester, MCM Insurance expanded at an astonishing rate, and now offers a wide range of insurance products. During the economic downturn, the business continued to grow and the firm opened a new office in Northern Ireland in 2008. Guaranteeing the best customer service is essential to the success of the company, and David explains what it is that the company does to ensure staff are able to provide a high-quality service. David is keen to point out that staff work to advise customers and clients on their needs for insurances within a legal capacity and also what is needed to protect client’s assets. “Here at MCM Insurance, staff provide policy holders with professional expertise, treating them with the respect that they deserve and expect. Our people make the most of their experience and knowledge to advise their clients, demonstrating a great understand of the insurance market. “Within Northern Ireland and the insurance sector, we do not have a particular type of client, instead offering a wide range of products across all industries, including reaching into Republic of Ireland. This is different to many other insurance intermediaries, as most of them tend to not operate on both sides of the border. The client is always put first regardless of their demands, and their insurance policies are tailored individually to meet their demands and needs. From inception to completion, we provide the same high standard of service to the client and treat them as we would want to be treated if we were the customer. By putting ourselves in the position of our clients, we are able to see how the client would want to be treated at every single stage.” MCM Insurance pride themselves on the ability to tailor each specific insurance policy to specific clients. They are presented with the best protection as possible, at very competitive premiums and they are given peace of mind as the client is kept up to date with every single step of processing midterm adjustments and claims. Staff at the company work extremely hard and pay great attention to detail as they inspect all factors of insurers policy words, providing clients with the freedom to continue with their day to day operations, leaving the responsibility of the finer details to the team at MCM. Extensive knowledge is a key aspect of the company’s success, and the team are able to go through each detail with a fine-tooth comb. This takes all the stress away from the client and the friendly and professional approach provided by staff at MCM provides a great working service for the company. In his concluding comments, David looks to the future, as well as back at how far the firm has come, and what challenges the team has had to overcome in the insurance market to be so successful. “Fundamental to our success moving forward, MCM has developed an entire package which is suited to various customers, clients and businesses, throughout a variety of industries and sectors, enabling us compete with multinational insurance providers based across the UK, and of course, Ireland. “Recently, we installed a new operating system which was completely new, and we do not know of any other Intermediary within Northern Ireland that has this new insurance operating system software.” NIR17024 Ultimately, the new system has led to MCM having an edge over its competitors, and it can offer an instantaneous market feedback from all providers of the panel of insurers. Despite MCM’s head office being based in Manchester, the Northern Ireland office is managed locally, enabling it to meet the demands of the local market. There are a variety of factors which make the company successful, but its client first approach is definitely something to be recognised, as it looks to make clients matter. All our staff in the North West office are really very excited and proud to have won this prestigious award, we wouldn’t be where we are today without our clients. We will continue to deliver the service and the products to the highest standard at the most competitive premium available. Our moto is ‘Making Clients Matter’ and to make sure they are Insured to the best of our ability.

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