N Ireland Business Awards 2017

SME NEWS / Northern Ireland Business Awards 2017 17 , The Arbutus Catering Company has over 15 years of experience in the hospitality sector. With 3 restaurants and 2 wedding venues, it is a growing company with an extensive group of well-trained chefs and staff. Barry gives us more detail about the company. Arbutus at the Forum With its opening hours on Wednesday to Saturday from 12.00pm until 5.00pm and late on show nights, Arbutus at The Forum offers both a classic and contemporary menu, stuffed full with fresh and exciting dishes. The venue is perfect for lunch, pre-theatre dining and evening dining. Barry tells us about the company’s mission, explaining how it plans to reach its targets. “Here at Arbutus at The Forum, our philosophy of serving up the finest and freshest local produce combined with excellent service guarantees an enjoyable dining experience. We achieve this by continually training our staff on customer service, hand picking our preferred suppliers and dedicating time and expertise to the creation of our menus.” Barry tells us what differentiates the firm from its competitors and helps mark itself out as the best possible option for clients. The fact that it caters to a diverse client base and an assortment of events all contribute to the overwhelming achievements of the company. “Important to our success, Arbutus at The Forum not only cater for customers in our restaurant, we also cater for all kinds of events in the city - from graduation celebrations to job fairs to weddings and everything in between. Our restaurant offers the best deals in the city and the relaxed atmosphere for lunch or dinner is a perfect getaway from the busy city.” Being based in Northern Ireland is beneficial for the company in a variety of ways, particularly in Derry, as Barry explains, noting the passion and culture of the location as ideal for Arbutus at The Forum. “Northern Ireland, especially Derry has a culture passionate about food and where it comes from. We share that culture and believe the benefits are that everyone can enjoy locally produced food which is fresher and tastier.” Regarding the future of The Arbutus Catering Company, Barry talks about the future plans, including expanding and discussing some new offers coming around Christmas time. “Moving forward, we are always looking for additional properties to complement our current properties: Arbutus at The Forum in Derry/Londonderry and Arbutus at The Crannagh in Coleraine. Coming up to Christmas we’ll have a number of special deals and exciting competitions.” Company: Arbutus at the Forum Email: arbutuscatering@gmail.com Address: Newmarket Street, Derry/Londonderry, Northern Ireland, BT48 6EB, UK Phone: 02871 372492 Website: www.arbutuscatering.com Restaurant of the Year 2017 - Derry NIR17020 AT THE FORUM ARB TUS

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