N Ireland Business Awards 2017

SME NEWS / Northern Ireland Business Awards 2017 21 , Patrick Gallagher Coaches is a family- owned andmanaged business. We invited Evelyn Gallagher to tell us more about the company and what routes it offers. Patrick Gallagher Coaches Established in 1972, Patrick Gallagher Coaches was formed when a taxi service was started in Gweedore and the surrounding area. About 14 years ago, Patrick Gallagher started his first service from Donegal to Belfast and ever since this service has grown. Evelyn explains what makes the coach company unique in some of the journeys it takes. “Patrick Gallagher Coaches is the only service that goes cross border from Donegal – Derry - Belfast every day. We would have quite a lot of students travelling with us every weekend from Queen’s University Belfast, Jordanstown and Magee College. “Additionally, the company runs a daily service to Derry operating twice a day. Although Patrick Gallagher Coaches are probably best known for its services from Donegal - Derry –Belfast, we also carry out significant amounts of private charter, day trips and private tour work in Northern Ireland, working with some highly regarded companies.” Talking about how it feels to win this award, Evelyn comments on what she believes have made the company successful. The coaches are state-of-the-art, constantly being developed and made comfortable, ensuring a comfortable journey for customers. “It is an honour to have been nominated as Best Coach Hire Company 2017 by our loyal customers, and I believe the reason we were nominated was of our up to date Buses, the comfort and especially our customer service.” Located in Northern Ireland, there are many benefits of being based in North West Donegal. The coaches travel across the country and customers know they will have a safe journey, without having to worry about the additional costs that come about from driving. Aiming to build on its solid foundations, there are new routes in place for the firm, and with customers taking advantage of the economy, there looks to be an exciting future for Patrick Gallagher Coaches, as Evelyn concludes. “Looking ahead, the future is looking bright for Patrick Gallagher Coaches, having had additional routes sanctioned, and they will be in operation within a few months. Quite a lot of our customers are taking advantage of the sterling rate which is good for us. We also accept the Ireland Free Travel Card and the Northern Ireland Smart Pass hence the influx of customers availing of free travel to Derry and Belfast.” Company: Patrick Gallagher Coaches Contact: Evelyn Gallagher & Patrick Gallagher Email: info@gallagherscoaches.com Address: Brinalack, Gweedore, County Donegal, Ireland Phone: 00353 74 953 1107 Website: www.gallagherscoaches.com Best Coach Hire Company 2017 NIR17004

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