N Ireland Business Awards 2017

22 SME NEWS / Northern Ireland Business Awards 2017 , The Theatre at theMill is a producing and receiving theatre with its own Youth Theatre based in Antrim, Northern Ireland. We profile the establishment to find out more. Theatre at the Mill Offering a broad and eclectic programme it aims to offer an artistic offer distinctive from the other theatres in the region, the Theatre at the Mill attracts a range of visitors. The artistic programme includes: drama, ballet, contemporary dance, ‘live’ screenings from the Met New York and the Royal Shakespeare Company Stratford, Music, Musical Theatre and Comedy. Over the past eight years the theatre has contributed significantly to the creative ecology in the region in providing valuable opportunities for employment to artists, directors, designers, music directors, musicians and performers in the form of its in-house professional productions and youth productions. As part of its work, the theatre has spearheaded training for young people in the Borough and beyond and has forged excellent relationships with the Guildford School of Acting, the leading Conservatoire for Musical Theatre. Its work with young people provides valuable opportunities to work with world class artists on its major youth productions and, importantly, to gain knowledge and forge contacts in an industry they are passionate about. The theatre’s weekly Home Spun Youth Theatre allows students to gain confidence, have fun, and make friends. The transferable skills they develop serve students as they progress through their full-time education and in their future careers. Ultimately, at the heart of the theatre’s success is the skills of a hard-working team of young gifted professionals who approach their work with a can-do attitude and with a will to succeed. The theatre is a creative space where challenges are viewed as an opportunity to learn. Looking ahead, established a loyal and appreciative following both front of house and back stage, future challenges for the Theatre at the Mill include continuing to engage with artists and companies across the Irish seas and to overcome the additional costs to allow them to share their work with theatres on the island of Ireland, as well as increasing annual attendance at all its productions and events, and to increase the number of events available. To achieve this aim, the theatre will aim to reach out to those areas of the community who do not currently engage with our work and to take work into the community they live, and work with them to create an innovative programme that meets their needs. Company: Theatre at the Mill Contact: Jeanette McIntyre Email: Jeanette.McIntyre@antrimandnewtownabbey.gov.uk Address: Antrim Civic Centre, 50 Stiles way, Antrim, Northern Ireland, BT41 2UB, UK Phone: 028 9034 0217 Best Performance Art Theatre - Newtownabbey NIR17027

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