N Ireland Business Awards 2017

SME NEWS / Northern Ireland Business Awards 2017 25 , Oasis Design Studio is a graphic design agency based in Larne, Northern Ireland. Trevor Robinson explains what makes the company successful and what services it offers to clients. Oasis Design Studio At Oasis, the team works together cohesively to serve its customers and clients. The breadth of its client base is matched to the wide range of services it offers. Trevor tells us about the firm’s overall mission, as well as discussing what helps the company to stand out within the industry. “Oasis achieves brilliant design through collaboration and by empowering individual team members. This can look different for each project but often involves a feedback loop between the design team to make sure that the design looks and works well. With a breadth of design services and multitalented creatives, we can adapt quickly and serve clients in a more flexible manner. We care about what we do and that reflects in the fact that we do not have a high turnover of clients.” What has certainly benefitted Oasis, is operating within NI as Trevor alludes to, noting the range of services and companies it offers. He goes on discuss the foundations of the company, which are ingrained in the culture of staff. “Being based in NI has encouraged us to broaden our horizons and find work in mainland UK, Republic of Ireland and further afield in the US. We foster a friendly working relationship with our clients and often try to go the extra mile. “Founded as a family company with Christian principles, we put customer satisfaction and staff empowerment at the top of our priority list. That means staff training, team building, office fun and work trips are all integrated into our office culture.” Regarding the future, Trevor comments on how Brexit will have an impact on the industries with NI. Trevor foresees exciting times for Oasis, with investment increasing, and more and more companies showing an interest in working with Northern Irish companies, mentioning how NI has become more powerful as a country. “Moving forward, the Brexit shift is probably going to be a crucial change for NI as we will be the only part of the UK that has a land border with an EU country. With one of our main political parties now in coalition in the British parliament, our country is probably in the most powerful position it has ever been in.” Company: Oasis Design Studio Contact: Trevor Robinson Email: trev@oasisdesign.co.uk Address: A3 Ash Building, Willowbank Business Park, Larne, Co. Antrim, Northern Ireland, BT40 2SF, UK Phone: 02828 27 8201 Website: www.oasisdesign.co.uk Best Multi-Disciplinary Graphic Design Agency 2017 NIR17010

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